Lewisham Gateway development picks up speed

A major Lewisham town centre development is moving towards completion following problems in 2023.

After a contractor walked off site last year, work has resumed offering an insight into how it’ll shape up later this year.

Firstly, the main pedestrian route through the site leading from the station to the town centre away from roads can be seen.

Pedestrianised through-route through Lewisham Gateway

This will be lined with shops upon opening.

Here’s a render of what it’s due to look like.

Image courtesy GetLiving

Hoardings are also now down beside the bus stops. This is where pedestrians have been forced to walk along waiting bus users for some time.

A Sainsbury’s will be located beside bus stops.

Paving beside bus stops will be wider upon completion

Removal of hoardings – though not temporary fencing at this stage – offers an insight into the width of paving.

That wider paving coupled with the route through the centre of the site will improve links between the DLR and railway station and Lewisham High Street and shopping centre – at least before it’s rebuilt.

Lewisham Gateway overview shows pedestrian link through site from station towards High Street

The site will see 540 flats and 119 co-living rooms.

Block D2 is the tallest on site and has long been the most advanced – at least on the outside.

Cinema site

Cladding on the cinema has also advanced – and is straight out of about 2003.

There’s still no word on any new operator after the agreed deal with Empire fell through when they entered administration.



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    7 thoughts on “Lewisham Gateway development picks up speed

    • Such a SHAME no.. Communal Laundrette with Tumble Dryer
      River Mill One /Two.

    • The development when completed will improve Lewisham The wider walkway will benefit pedestrians and make it much safer to negotiate around the town centre between DLR, Station and the High Street/Shopping Centre as mentioned. As this area has very high levels of traffic.
      The Sainsburys located by the bus stops will benefit local residents of the new homes and commuters.
      I am looking forward to seeing the development fully completed.

      • @CDT: ‘The wider walkway will benefit pedestrians …’ The pavement will return to what it was before Lewisham council allowed the developer to co-opt so much of it.

        ‘The Sainsburys located by the bus stops will benefit local residents of the new homes and commuters.’ There is a big Sainsbury’s in the shopping centre and Tesco’s is just behind Lewisham station. The unit will be a local and consequently more expensive, although anyone who can afford to live in those flats won’t be bothered.

        • My recall is that it was roundabout before this development which couldn’t be accessed by pedestrians. And the whole point of changing things (after development rewards) was to allow easier access for pedestrians from the station to the town centre, which it seems to do. Although I hope they sort out the horrendous crossing that pedestrians still have to do.

          The new Sainsbury’s is, presumably, to leave a Sainsbury’s presence in the town centre once the shopping centre is demolished.

    • Overall I guess this will be positive – but boy is the cinema side ugly!! It has the appearance of a huge, domineering plastic wall at the moment… Maybe when it’s fully complete that effect will be softened, but I’m sure the developers – and the planners – could have done better… 😬

    • that red and black cladding is hideous

    • Maybe that cladding will be covered with what’s on screens?


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