Lewisham cinema work continues amid Gateway development

A major construction project in Lewisham town centre including a cinema, shops and hundreds of homes is taking further steps towards completion.

Lewisham Gateway’s final stage is seeing external detailing applied on a number of buildings over recent days and weeks.

Roads are extremely busy around the site. Brave cyclist

As is often the case I’ve taken far more photos and videos than can be featured here, and so have created a Youtube page to highlight those. Click here to view a video.

The corner edifice closest to the High street is not great, and even more so given its prominence. It’s a case of throw whatever 10 year old cladding we had out back and see what sticks.

Corner site

Well, it’s sticking alright, but it looks a dog’s dinner. A dog’s dinner brought up six hours after consumption.

Cinema site

Regurgitated Pedigree Chum sort of sums up random cladding. All sorts of colours in a rather unenticing ensemble. And liable to make one nauseas.

It also looks like random cladding is going onto the façade along Lewisham High Street.

This wasn’t on renders previously seen.

Solid red is now random cladding

No one likes random cladding panels. No one. Don’t use them. Ever. It’s the laziest and most inept way to hide bulk and massing.

Strange and (not) beautiful

It’s such an odd development all round really. Perhaps the developer found a deal whereby the buy one type of cladding and got 17 free.

The above image shows what is probably the best frontage given it’s 1) not grey and 2) not randomised.

Though gold also features. Gold and grey is an odd combo. Though it did bring to mind this track, so not all bad.

Less grey and more black would have worked better. I mean really, who like dreary old grey cladding on a typical grey UK day? Miserable.

Grey tower against grey sky

Muse are behind this development and housing tenure is build-to-rent. No, not those guys. Though some buildings may bring forth a Bellamy-esque squeal.

Roads here are chocka all day though at least when complete pedestrians can walk through a street through the site away from vehicles to reach Lewisham town centre.

It’s always been traffic clogged though as far back as I can remember. Before changes much of the site was a giant roundabout.

Random cladding. Why oh why?

So far I’ve yet to see any retail unit plans so what shops, bars, restaurants etc remain a mystery.

The below image shows the former Citibank tower nearby which has seen a number of proposed conversions to residential flats come and go.

Silver Street development seen to rear. Garish cladding upon corner building

We can also see a development at Silver Street not covered too many times on this site poling up in the above photo. Though I did cover work back in 2021 not much has been shown since on here. That will see 141 homes.

As ever Lewisham continues to change and evolve by the the week, let alone month. Many complain but really, it’s zone 2 by excellent transport links. Little else can be expected. Whether the quality and massing of these builds is good enough is another question.

Next up is redevelopment of the shopping centre and then last month plans emerged that the Tesco supermarket would be rebuilt.

Tesco Lewisham

As stated before, for every photo posed here there’s about 10 on my hard drive.

I hope to create more videos interspersed with photos giving a greater glimpse into changes. Keep an eye on my Youtube channel.



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    7 thoughts on “Lewisham cinema work continues amid Gateway development

    • Lewisham Gateway has come on leaps and bounds. The new Cinema shoos and bones will be a boost for the area. Town Centres need a cinema as part of improving our town centres and the night time and weekend economy on and around town centres.
      Lewisham Gateway will be another very popular development. Located close to Lewisham Station.

    • Lewisham has been ruined for a whole generation if not two. Completely in the pockets of developers. On top of the design crimes they only achieved minimal social housing for this disaster. Sadly no effective local opposition- ie no effective council control.

    • Agree with you on the hideousness of this development. Only thing I will add is that no architect worth any degree of dignity will clad or create this crap. Lewisham is in 100% developer land.

    • I agree that the buildings could have been designed a bit more sympathetically. However Lewisham desperately needed new blood and my only hope that the retail spaces will house some interesting offers. The redevelopment of the Shopping Centre is what will drastically change the area. The days of Indoor Shopping is well over and it’s about time that the shops move back onto the High Streets.

    • The red and black on the cinema is definitely new and unfortunately doesn’t look like an improvement. I actually live in one of the buildings already there and for the love of me can’t figure out the design “strategy”, such contrasting colours, some sympathy to existing brick buildings but I’m not sure it makes sense when the new building is 19s of floors high!?!


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