Lewisham shops and cinema in new development revealed

In my recent post looking at how a major new development in Lewisham was shaping up I mentioned that I didn’t know what business would occupy shop and commercial space.

Thankfully a comment below the post from SB linked to info showing the likely occupiers of a number of units.

Like a spud I was checking planning applications on Lewisham Council’s website when it was on the developer’s site all along.

Firstly, and this was known; Empire are to take on the cinema.

Cinema on site

Their website also shows that Sainsbury’s look set to take on the biggest unit though discussions aren’t finalised. It’s listed as under offer and not finalised.

Sainburys will be aware that their Lewisham shopping centre site is earmarked for demolition, though even without that the number of new homes and footfall makes it an enticing spot.

Plus, their current store is pretty big and this looks more like a smaller Sainsbury’s Local.

Sainsburys to open at base of this block

Other businesses listed on the Get Living site are Gail’s bakery, Tortilla, hair salon Blue Tit, Nebula, coffee shop Black Sheep and Stars gym.

There’s also an indoor rock climbing business named The Font.

All very much chain-based, which isn’t bad though not too inspiring, but Lewisham is crying out for decent nightlife. Is it too much to hope for a half decent place for a drink and maybe some live music and night life?

Suttons Radio now closed

Suttons Radio was probably the best pub in Lewisham but shut around the time of the pandemic. Lewisham is not exactly full of great places to go of an evening.

Even if the new development doesn’t bring much nightlife directly, hopefully new residents can sustain something else in the area.

Lewisham Gateway is just one of a few major developments

There are however seven units still available in Lewisham Gateway – so one to keep an eye on.

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    4 thoughts on “Lewisham shops and cinema in new development revealed

    • Gail’s is the biggest news. They tend to be very smart about locations, is lewisham going up market

    • Hopefully the independents will populate the shops on the high street as the rents will be too high for them in the new development. The new people moving in might also give the town centre economy a much needed boost.

    • I looked into a unit for my wine shop. The prices are really expensive and seem designed only for large chains with big backing.

    • “Their current store is pretty big” — according to the Sainsbury’s website, in 1955 it was the biggest self-service supermarket in Europe.


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