Lewisham shopping centre redevelopment plan due this year

Plans to redevelop Lewisham shopping centre are expected to be submitted this year according to developer Landsec.

The company today announced annual financial results with a report including information on Lewisham. It states: “In Lewisham, south-east London, we maintain positive engagement with the Council on our new residential-led masterplan, for which we are preparing to submit a planning application later this year”.

Overview of shopping centre located among many other buildings set to remain. Former roundabout shown

Detailed plans are likely to then follow with construction work starting in 2026.

Landsec have previously consulted on plans to demolish the centre and construct a number of blocks. Previous financial results have shown they plan to construct 2,500 homes on site.

Area to north of site

An area to the north of the overall site would include a small square with one aim being to improve permeability through the site.

This will sit opposite Lewisham Gateway where homes, shops and a cinema are under construction.

Lewisham Central under construction.

Pedestrians passing through the new site from Lewisham station currently meet a blank wall at the pedestrian crossing.

Blank façade of shopping centre facing station set to be demolished

Today’s financial results show the latest estimate of completion would be 2038 in a rolling program.

The centre itself is still open and trading though some retailers have left.

Next have vacated

Previous ideas showed taller buildings would be located along Molesworth Street with shorter buildings situated closer to Lewisham High Street.

The centre has entrances located among older buildings along the High Street which will remain.

Lewisham shopping centre entrance seen on right amongst other High Street shops

Redevelopment would also see the loss of a multi-storey car park accessed on Molesworth Street.

It’s a bit of a step back in time, with signs for Citibank in place. They’ve long left and sold their tower for residential conversion, which after numerous plans still hasn’t progressed.

Various eras of signage still remain. Note the 1990s blue sign behind

As for Landsec the year up to March 2023 saw a loss of £622 million owing to changes in the value of their portfolio.

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9 thoughts on “Lewisham shopping centre redevelopment plan due this year

  • They have ruined Lewisham already so what they do now won’t help

  • They’ve redeveloped the place several times already. Waste of money. Deptford is miles better for the little spend they put there. Too many amateurs and passengers in local government.

  • Good its a dump and needs to go. They also need to get rid of that awful street market.

  • It was awful before….there was nothing to ruin

  • Totally agree. Soulless overwhelming high rises, character and community feel sacrificed. I try to avoid going there now.

  • Lewisham council have destroyed the town with their road planning debacle. They have no comprehension that the car will continue, along with commercial vehicles (far too many busses) bikes and pedestrians, but they have a focus on no cars which is wrong. The removal of the shopping centre and the terrible dirty market will just empty the town to become even more souless. – That said it cant get much worst. were voting with our feet and leaving.

  • so many more pitchers you cod add. the boles green the large empty tall open spaces near by that green. Maybe sum one cade do a walk thrue vid and shear before it is all gone.

  • I see this as an improvement. You need more people in the area to support the businesses and there is a housing shortage in London! This development seems to address both. The era of shopping centres is well over. What we need is more open spaces and pedestrianised walking areas and ideally a lot more trees.
    I agree that the traffic that plaques Lewisham won’t disappear but it is what it is. Hopefully the architecture will be a bit more creative and won’t be repetitive soulless towers.
    What Lewisham lacks is soul event hough there are some very nice old buildings which could be made to stand out.
    I’m curious to find out what shops will be opening in the new development where the cinema is. How come nothing’s come out of this. Maybe noone’s taking them on?

  • Lewisham is ugly. Giving more residential space make sense, many people are homeless in our days. I hope that the architects develop more beautiful buildings instead of them monstruosities developed so far. If we can have a pedestrian area, with gardens, space for libraries, a bit more gentrified atmosphere it would be great. People in Lewisham deserves beauty, art, confort, cleanness, space for youth project, a decent cinema, nice restaurants, nice pubs, keeping the spirit of the market that it is crucial to the area. The shopping centre could be improved enormously. Today I think twice to go to Lewisham, the noice, the rubbish, the shout of the people. Just remove Mc Donald for ever!


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