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Another Lewisham development gains approval

87 Loampit_Vale

After revisions from earlier plans, this project at 87-89 Loampit Vale has been approved by Lewisham planners.

Original plan

Original plan

It’s had a reduction in height from earlier drafts. This approved scheme tops out at seven floors.

It’s adjacent to the western railway lines by Lewisham station, and is just the other side of the viaduct from the recently completed towers at ‘Renaissance’.

Architects BPTW designed the scheme for Family Mosaic. 49 flats are to be included, and a new link created between Loampit Vale and Bertrand Street. ‘Affordable’ home levels are 31%.

87-89 Loampit Vale

Other Highways improvement works, as part of a Section 278 agreement includes:

• Enhancing lighting on Bertrand Street

• New footway on Bertrand Street (along site frontage)

• Enhancing the pedestrian environment under the railway bridge on Bertrand Street adjacent to the site (surface treatment (footways & walls), lighting, works to prevent birds roosting

Also in Lewisham, the 410-bed student block at Sherwood Court is seeing external cladding applied. Beside that site is a 13 floor tower named Flora Villas, with work imminent there.

Thurston Central is seeing the finishing touches applied. ASDA are due to occupy the ground floor commercial space but it seems to have recently gone quiet on that front.

Lewisham Gateway’s third block is now up to around the fifth floor.

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