Lewisham town centre developments: A latest look at changes

Work continues to progress across Lewisham town centre as new blocks take shape.

Latest photos taken in recent days show more cladding being applied to a forthcoming cinema being built as part of Lewisham Gateway located between the station and High Street.

Cinema side of development

With the addition of ever more exterior panels the final appearance of this key site is becoming clear. It’s not subtle on this side with golds and reds.

Upon completion a pedestrian-only route be located through the site.

Future pedestrian street entrance

That will lessen footfall running past bus stops to the west of the sit.

Note the “retail street” below leading to the main road crossing towards the town centre.

Lewisham Gateway overview shows pedestrian link through site from station towards High Street

This shows where that street’s entrance will be coming from the station:

Through route located between these buildings

Click through to this video which shows the development, where you can also follow my new channel with further videos of various sites to be uploaded.


Lewisham’s tallest tower is also now approaching completion. This is on the former Tesco car park.

Beside station

Last month it emerged that the supermarket itself will be demolished and rebuilt as part of a major project.

It’s quite possible blocks tapering down from the new tower will be proposed it stands somewhat alone.

Former Citibank tower

Landsec also plan to rebuild Lewisham shopping centre. They had pencilled in a 2024 start date which now seems a tad ambitious.

The former Citibank tower still shows no sign of conversion to residential usage after a number of plans.

Above DLR station

New trains are coming to the DLR to cope with future growth in demand.

A net increase in overall stock will be seen alongside higher frequencies when new trains are running in passenger service.

Southeastern railway show little sign of attempting to capture increasing demand

Southeastern however have seemingly few plans to try to gain new passengers, as the government-run company continues with heavy service cuts.

Bus stops beside substantial new block

As for the roads here, they remain a mess of congestion throughout much of the day.

The roundabout has gone, but little else has apparently been achieved to reduce congestion.


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3 thoughts on “Lewisham town centre developments: A latest look at changes

  • Interesting photos of developments in Lewisham. It would be fascinating to see ‘comparision’ viewpoint photos of 1970’s & 80’s Lewisham ? The Lewisham that i knew within this timeframe is unrecognisable now ! I’m not saying that is neccessarily a bad thing as we cannot stop ‘progress’ i guess ?

  • Thanks for the update. Still no news on what will be occupying the retail spaces here. I wonder if the uptake was not what they expected with economic downturn.

    • Nope I’ve been keeping an eye out but haven’t seen much yet


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