Lewisham shopping centre redevelopment models on show

An event this afternoon (Wednesday 6th December) will again have models of how Lewisham shopping centre will look after demolition and rebuilding.

A unit within the centre at number 25 beside XO Bikes will open between 3pm and 6:30pm.

Courtesy Landsec. Future site

The models show plans for a new shopping centre, green space above and new buildings around the area.

Towers will be built alongside the retained Citibank block while the existing Wetherspoons will be demolished as covered on this site.

Lewisham pub set for dmeolition

The unit will be open each Wednesday in the run up to Christmas. It’s very unlikely I can make it to view them due to work and looking after my little one, so if anyone does go and takes photos feel free to send them over.

Developer Landsec plan at least 1,800 homes with more possible as revealed in their annual financial results recently released.

Proposed accessible space above future shopping centre

Links to other developments

An area will be opened up across the road from Lewisham Gateway’s next phase now set to open in 2024 bringing shops and a potential cinema.

All buildings except Citibank tower to be demolished for open space

That’s hit a spot of bother with the proposed cinema operator entering administration while the cladding contractor walked off the job.

When it does open, a pedestrian-only route through the site will lead to the DLR and rail station.

New tower beside station approaching completion

That in turn brings us to other developments such as the tower now almost complete and plans to demolish the Tesco in years to come.



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    5 thoughts on “Lewisham shopping centre redevelopment models on show

    • The idea to put an accessible space above the shopping center is ludicrous. For safety reasons they will have to put up huge barriers, and it just will feel like a cage (similar with the outdoor space on the roof of IKEA). The whole of Lewisham has been built up with such bad overall planning. The Confluence “Park” (more like a parklet) is a similar sham project – tiny, windy, almost always in the shade, not an inviting space at all.

    • All the vibes will lost in lewisham. Elephant and castle lost it, bromley is dead; lewisham the only place with vibrancy, soon it will all be gone; these changes done by people who dont live or shop in lewisham.

      • Perhaps that’s the aim is to kill the vibe.
        To have everyone focused on just passing by and go home!!!

      • I have been living in Lewisham since I was about 5 years old. I have seen the transformation from when the old round about was changed to this new junction which always has traffic and ediots blocking the way.

        Lewisham is now an over crowded place due to the high towers resembling canary wharf or west India quays.

        The planning and changes are terrible now they will get rid of the shopping centre to complete even more building work. It is clear whoever is in charge of the building works and transformation has no clue.

    • I was born and lived just outside Lewisham it was a lovely place to go to. Now it’s ruined. High buildings, no life in the town. Whoever decided to do all this to it needs their brain tested if they think it is an improvement. It’s now spoilt and not interesting. Pull down all the high buildings and put shops in the high street. Won’t be going there ever again till it’s improved.


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