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Lewisham’s forthcoming tallest tower breaks ground

Courtesy TfL - first floors seen at top left

A few weeks ago I covered latest work on a tower site beside Lewisham station and speculated whether it would rise given the main target market of students is rather iffy right now. More than 700 rooms are included.

Work now underway on tower beside Lewisham station

Well work has proceeded and continued once site preparation was complete. The first floors are now emerging above ground.

New station entrance

The block will surprise more than a few people as it rises. It’ll top out above 30 floors and become the tallest in Lewisham. It should also rise extremely quickly given its modular construction.

A new entrance to Southeatern service at Lewisham station is planned alongside any Bakerloo Line extension. There is no confirmation the Southeastern entrance will open given additional staffing cost, and the tube extension looks like its going nowhere any time soon.




  1. I used to live in Lewisham 8 years ago (Cressingham Road – close to that tower) and recently drove through it. My word has it changed! I’m glad Maggie’s cafe is still there.

  2. That part of Lewisham has changed and not for the better. The current road layout is horrid and regularly leads to traffic tailbacks. I miss the roundabout and the old bus routes through the town centre.

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