Lewisham High Street hotel plans approved

Lewisham will see a new 127-room hotel after plans approved last month.

The building will be located on the former TFC food store at 223-229 Lewisham High Street near Ladywell. A commercial space will be located at street level.

Courtesy Google. TFC on site

Developer Skillcrown are hoping to attract a brand such as Travelodge or Premier Inn and believe the site will “attract both tourist visitors to Lewisham, as well as providing temporary accommodation for users, workers, and visitors of University Hospital Lewisham.”

Commercial space

An earlier plan was rejected on appeal before this revised scheme saw the green light.

The London Plan seeks 40,000 additional hotel bedrooms across London by 2036.

Click here to view plans. 


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    8 thoughts on “Lewisham High Street hotel plans approved

    • It will be good to see this site come back in to use. The hotel will be an addition to Lewisham High Street and provide hotel bedrooms for London and as stated for visitors and employees at University Lewisham Hospital.

      I would also like to see another retailer (Supermarket) taking over the site of the old Tesco Store which will be nearby to the new hotel on Lewisham HIgh Street. As this is a modern purpose built store and part of a residential/retail development.

    • This is then a speculative build with no end user having signed up. I also think it is a mistake to think that there will be a tenant for the street level frontages as units in the nearby developments took ages to find occupants. There is also the big space vacated by Tesco’s that seemingly nobody wants.

    • I think the commercial space on the proposed hotel development would be better suited to a restaurant for guest and local residents. As some budget hotels do not provide full restaurant facilities.

      • People don’t ‘dine out’ in Lewisham. There are plenty of takeaway chicken shops and a McDonald’s to cater to the locals.

        Better use could have been made of the site with a low rise housing block.

    • Make that a low rise social housing block.

    • I do agree with you Anonymous201486. However, it is clear that Lewisham Council do not want housing on this particular site hence passing the plans for the hotel and commercial space at ground level rather than a housing development.

      I do agree with you that more social housing needs to built but very few developments are built solely for social housing these days.

    • Does anyone have an updates with regard to the development of the old Lewisham Job Centre on Rushey Green that closed at the beginning of 2018?

      I believe this was to be a mixed Commercial/housing development, I thought of this as it is just down the road from the Proposed hotel site on Lewisham High Street.

      I thought the old Job Centre site would have been under development by now but I think no work as yet taken place on this prime site on a prime location on Rushey Green.

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