Lewisham’s Citibank tower again up for conversion to flats

Third time’s the charm?

Once again plans have been submitted to Lewisham Council to convert the former Citibank office tower to flats. It’s the third such submission and previous applications were successful. This time around there’s 237 flats planned.

The conversion would include 57 studio apartments, 146 one bedroom apartments and 34 two bedroom apartments with 271 cycle spaces.

You can then cycle around the congested new road layout with almost no new cycle lanes despite wide paving.

Base of the tower

Some of the submitted documents are pretty outdated. They show the roundabout by the station which hasn’t existed for a couple of years.

If, and it’s a big if, this plan does proceed when others havn’t it joins a large number of residential towers in Lewisham, and will be the furthest south given its location beside Lewisham shopping centre.

The above image shows some developments around the station but excludes a 30-storey tower plan submitted on the Carpetright site, which was covered here.

The architects appear to have only studied the grey options when choosing cladding.

If the conversion of Lewisham House does proceed, will other residential tower plans spread south to join it in the area along with a possible shopping centre redevelopment?

Site of planned 34 storey tower by Tesco

Transport for London may have one or two things to say. They recently requested that a 34-storey tower planned by Meyer Homes beside Tesco not be occupied until extra DLR trains arrive in 2022 (at the earliest).

The planning reference for Lewisham House is DC/17/105087. You can search by clicking here.


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    2 thoughts on “Lewisham’s Citibank tower again up for conversion to flats

    • I should imagine that many of those 237 spaces will be very small indeed as the redevelopment will be by ‘permitted development’ where there is no minimum space requirement. Welcome to rabbit hutch living.

      I don’t think Meyer Homes will wear TfL’s request to have the building stand empty until 2022, although they could slow down the build to meet this time. Further, there is surely a finite number of trains that can be slotted into the DLR timetables yet the building boom shows no sign of abating.

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