Lewisham town centre changes: Images released

News of £19 million in funding from government for Lewisham town centre changes announced today has also seen a number of images released from the authority showing forthcoming changes.

The total amount to be spent will be £24 million, with Lewisham topping up the government allocation via the Levelling Up fund. Earlier today this site looked at the funding deal and what it entails.

Market canopy

Images out today show a canopy planned above market stalls. This idea was first covered on a post last summer.

It also shows a cycle lane alongside extensive landscaping.

Cycle lane

Other changes include a rooftop café in the library and a business centre. More pedestrian crossings are mentioned.

Much like with Woolwich’s forthcoming upgrade, there is concern about maintenance. The current High Street isn’t well maintained.

Note the tarmac in place of paving slabs currently seen:

High Street

Changes include funds to “improve the area around the market with new lighting, better pavements, more trees and planting and a refurbishment of the iconic Grade II listed Clock Tower.”.

An evening market is mentioned. Lewisham could sorely do with better nightlife. It really does lack a decent choice of places in the evening.

A cinema will be opening soon as part of Lewisham Gateway.

Render of cinema at Lewisham Gateway development

That development also includes a large number of commercial units which could house restaurants, pubs and bars.

Lewisham Gateway overview. Central spine links station to town centre. Block E is the cinema

Other major changes not related to this latest fund but which will have a major impact include demolition of the shopping centre.

It will include new shops and around 2,500 homes.

Site split into three main areas

Lots to look forward too then, with both Woolwich and Lewisham set to see multi-million pound changes in coming years.



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2 thoughts on “Lewisham town centre changes: Images released

  • Does anyone know if the any of the retail and restaurant units in the Gateway development have been let out yet? If the cinema is due to open soon I presume some of those units should also be opening soon. Interesting that no news has come out about this.
    I assume some of the shops within the shopping centre might move into these units as there is talk about redeveloping the shopping centre.

  • Sadly, I suspect the area around the cinema will become a no-go zone at night, much like the rest of the town centre. Rather than waste money on the market, which will always be ill-kempt and litter-strewn, it would be much better spent on making the high street feel safer.


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