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Plans in to demolish Lewisham church

A plan has been submitted to demolish a single storey church building in Lewisham and replace with a mixed use design including a replacement church and ten flats.

Coutesy Google. Current site

Amusingly, total gross internal area for the development will be 666m2.

The site is at 65 Boone Street. Of the nine flats for sale, none will be affordable. The application states that this is acceptable as the church building will be available for public use at certain times though final price and hours are not available.

Various views

Bizarrely, the Design and Access statement has no images with most pages lacking any details.

Click here to view plans.


  1. Ha, ha, that is a lot of building for such a small site. The building is on my route to the shops in Lewisham and I will stop for a closer look next time I am in the area.

  2. Seóirse

    its an appalling abnegation of the duties of the trustees. There’s 5 objections been submitted

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