Crossrail won’t now open in summer 2021 (everyone else completely lost track of this now?)

In news to file under the bleeding obvious category, Crossrail have stated this evening that further delays have hit the project – exacerbated by recent events -resulting in plans to open between Paddington and Abbey Wood by summer 2021 not being possible.

Crossrail trains parked up at Abbey Wood. Maybe two years ago? All blurs into one really

I’m someone who has been reading and writing about this project for about 20 years now and until I saw this news I’d completely lost track of what stages are supposed to open and when. Every few months another delays comes along.

Courtesy BexleyisBonkers. This pic always nicely encapsulates the project

This press release tells us summer 2021 was the latest target until today. You know some bad news is coming when PR puts out positive news a day or two before, and in this case it was work on building new stations to the west of London. I mean, those projects are years late too but at least something is now visible.

Courtesy Crossrail

Crossrail aren’t even fully testing trains yet as they will operate in service with short headways between units. They are running test trains but not to the intensity needed in normal operation. Signal tests often unearth bugs and glitches and can be some of the most time consuming and complicated stages of major projects. You might was to pencil in 2022 as an opening date. As for what month, take a wild guess.

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9 thoughts on “Crossrail won’t now open in summer 2021 (everyone else completely lost track of this now?)

  • SMH! I cast my vote for 2023…especially noting the current economic downturn, and its knock on effects in the coming years!

  • 2025 bond street isn’t really started yet

  • It is confusing for the public and businesses that are relying on Crossrail opening. I remember one of the Crossrail leaders, I forget who, saying at a government committee recently that they were still on-track (pun) to open by summer 2021.

    He was clearly talking out his hat as it was obvious that COVID-19 would further delay matters to the project given work had come to a halt because of the lock-down.

    My current guess for opening is June 2022 assuming another unforeseen event doesn’t derail it (pun) again. Perhaps when it does open the whole whole through line from Abbey Wood to Heathrow will open at once?

  • Crossrail has entered the realms of mythology. There is no predicting when the service will come into operation.

  • MWhy are they stating the obvious?

  • I don’t think the pandemic is really actually to blame but simply a convenient excuse. Construction work never really haunted did it? I remember clearly in the media people moaning that builders were still working during lockdown.

    Additionally, if we accept this is actually true (I don’t think so) then lockdown lasted around 3 months so 3 months delay turns into an entire one year delay?

    This is obvious BS.

  • Transport for London has revealed it is not planning for the Elizabeth line to be operational for another three years.

    Published a day after the board of Crossrail confirmed the central section was delayed again and would not open next summer, TfL’s revised draft budget for 2021/23 has revealed the organisation is not expecting to reap the benefits of the line opening until 2023.


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