Woolwich Waterfront set to reopen after revamp

Woolwich leisure centre will reopen on Monday 27th July after being closed for most of this year.

Money has been spent fixing the interior with the famous slide now painted blue alongside some other changes here and there.

Incident in February 2020

The centre shut in February even before lockdown after a piece of pipe fell into the pool. With the centre due to move to General Gordon Square, maintenance appeared to be minimal for some time – with continual delays to the move causing a squeeze whereby substantial work would be required. That happened even before the pipe fell.

Future leisure centre site

Plans to commence building a new centre in January 2020 have long been and gone. The car park was sold by the council to Berkeley Homes all the way back in 2007. And so with delays came the announcement that £1 million was required for the existing centre.

Lidl Charlton opened in February. Wilko planned next door

Work at a new centre is slowly moving forwards at moving facilities but some years behind schedule. Wilko are finally vacating Viscount house and moving to Charlton. However, there has yet to be any consultation or design revealed for a new centre and adjacent housing development.

It could now be another four years until any move – so you get some time to enjoy views of the Thames in a freshened up pool.


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    4 thoughts on “Woolwich Waterfront set to reopen after revamp

    • Aaaannnnd, because of Greenwich Council’s idiocy we’ll now have a boarded-up and shielded gaping hole to enjoy on General Gordon Square! I cannot fathom, during these times of economic uncertainty, to drive a viable business, with fantastic foot traffic from the area, is just irresponsible!

    • I assumed no work would have been completed all during lockdown so for the first time ever wanted to say well done to Greenwich council! Will wait until it’s actually opened (including the pool) before heaping the praise though.

    • I trust the pipe ties will be stronger than the old ones.

      BTW Murky, fascia signs for the Wilko’s in Charlton have been erected. Fitting out hasn’t started yet, but I don’t think it will be too long before the store opens.

    • I think Wiko’s will want the new Charlton Store open by September at least so they get a good run up to Christmas. Fingers crossed we do not get another lockdown in London.

      I also think it would have made more sense to keep wilko’s Woolwich Store open until a few weeks before works starts on the site to demolish the existing building. My understand is work is not due to start on the site for at least two years?

      Wilko’s is popular enough to have good football in both the Woolwich and Charlton stores. Losing Wilko’s from Woolwich is another blow to the Town Centre.


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