Has Ladbrokes in Woolwich permanently closed down?

Last week Woolwich town centre coffee shop Coffee Lounge tweeted about numerous problems emanating from bookies in the area, including Ladbrokes next door.

Today they’ve tweeted to say Ladbrokes located in Equitable House has closed.

Could it be permanent?

It’s far from the only bookies in the immediate area. There’s another Ladbrokes as well as Betfred and Coral.

Recent changes to the amount that can be gambled on Fixed Odd Betting Terminals could cause many more to close.


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13 thoughts on “Has Ladbrokes in Woolwich permanently closed down?

  • Fingers crossed. You need only ask any headteacher to learn the devestating effects easy gambling is having on increasing numbers of families.

  • It’s a good start, though the scaffolding has only encouraged smokers to stand in the coffee shop doorway and light up. I’m always surprised how low-lifes are happy to make the lives of small café owners a headache (complaining loudly about prices yet staying for hours) yet won’t dare try that nonsense in Starbucks or any large franchise store

  • Closed for good………Thank God!
    Let just hope that the class act in RBG does not give them permission to open at another location.
    I for one want all betting shops out of the borough. They are an economic drain on the people that have the least.

    • We’re fortunate enough not to be as badly blighted as Deptford High Street. At one point they had 13 or 14 betting shops and even the focus of a 2012 ITV documentary. Still the Council do let them drag the area down and I too would happily see betting and ‘amusement’ places expelled. As Ray pointed out below, its likely enough to happen given the move toward mobile gambling and we can only hope that the Council try to encourage a little High Street trade to prosper.

  • The only thing that gambling shop spawned was low lifes hanging around there

  • Hopefully Abbey wood gambling shops would be next in line for closure. Puzzled what good can bring to the an area trying to revamp itself. Apart from giving extra work to street cleaners.

  • Ladbrokes and coral are gonna shut shops up and down the country rents and staff ect ect are something they don’t want They only want kids betting blind on mobiles. These low lives have found a all time low. Their scum but once again more empty shops on the High Street and job cuts

  • When Ladbrokes and Coral bookies merged last year I think, it was the condition that if they have a Coral shop and a Ladbrokes shop in the same area, one of them had to closed. Same thing happened in East Greenwich.

  • This branch only opened after the other one was burnt out in the riots.

    Surprised it stayed open when the fire damage was made good.

    We don’t need 6 bookies around the square.

  • Too much emphasis on the type of shop here (in the comments) Yes it is a bookies,
    but that doesn’t stop groups of anti-social types hanging around outside shops, or butchers does it? The type of establishment is not the issue, there are anti-social groups hanging around at all times on any given day , that needs to be stopped, or the anti-social behavior needs to stop occurring at the least.

  • The branch in Charlton Village now seems to be shut too…


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