Two shot in Woolwich – gun pointed at police officer

Police are appealing for help after two people were shot in Woolwich. A car chase then followed which saw a gun pointed at an unarmed officer.

According to police:

“On Monday, 30 November at approximately 03:00hrs police were called to reports of a firearm discharge in the Commonwealth Buildings, Woolwich Church Street, SE18.

Officers attended the scene after reports of a gunman having entered the building and discharged what was described as a handgun into the group present, injuring a man and a woman. They were taken to hospital and their injuries are described as non-life threatening.

A vehicle, believed to be stolen, was pursued by armed police from New Cross to Camberwell where it crashed. The suspects fled from the scene on foot.

A foot chase ensued in which one of the suspects pointed a firearm at an officer.

Four suspects were subsequently detained and arrested on suspicion of possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life; possession of ammunition; possession of an offensive weapon and aggravated vehicle taking.

Inside the car officers found four Rambo knives, and a further knife, a self-loading pistol and two magazines of ammunition were recovered nearby.

Enquiries continue, with particular focus on forensics and ballistic evidence.

Of the four suspects arrested; one has been released under investigation; one has been bailed pending further enquiries and another has been recalled to prison.

The fourth male was initially taken to hospital for treatment to injuries sustained as he attempted to flee from police but has now been discharged into custody where he remains.

Detective Inspector Lydia Stephens said:

“This shooting injured two people and will have had a severe impact on everyone present. We are determined to make sure those responsible face the consequences of their actions and the investigation team is working tirelessly to bring them to justice.

“Our officers operate in some of the most dangerous and violent situations and often put themselves in harm’s way. This is yet another example of the risks they have to take in order to tackle violence and keep London safe.

“It is essential that the public provide us with any information about people who may be in possession of firearms or other weapons or who are engaged in violent crime so that we can draw together all available evidence to build strong cases and remove dangerous individuals from the streets of London.”

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5 thoughts on “Two shot in Woolwich – gun pointed at police officer

  • Roy,

    As much as I support everyone’s right to free speech, and the value of this website, I am now finding your constant acerbic comments on COVID-19 being “a minor virus” and now your comment on this post more than a little offensive.

    The Police do NOT happy when they have a gun and the assailant has a knife… this is truly myopic view of the brave Officers who put their lives first to keep us safe.

    If you really think the Police use of firearms during the Borough Market terrorist attacks and the more recent London Bridge attack was unwarranted, I suggest you go and speak to the eight people were killed and 48 were injured, including members of the public and four unarmed police officers during the tragic Borough Market attack, or those like myself who were caught-up in the incident.

    Your comments are far from helpful and I think you need to consider the affects of your comments on others.before you glibly post them.

    • Completely agree, YS. I am finding Roy’s comments dismissing Covid 19 rather tiresome. 14 million US citizens dead from Covid 19 so far this year, according to the BBC website today. To compare, London’s popluation is roughly 8-10 million. Think about it Roy.

      His negativity towards the police are quite frankly, stupid. What happened at Borough market was very serious, and the police did what most of us were glad they did – stop an incident getting worse than it was already, 50 bullets or not.

      When I spoke with an officer from SO19 over 14 years ago, one thing he said after describing the standard-issue MP5 semi-auto they used at the time, is that they prefer not to discharge the weapon as “every bullet has to be accounted for”. Regardless, they will use them when it matters, and we have seen that over the years, such the incident at Westminster Bridge/Houses of Parliament. Remember, an officer lost his life in that incident.

      The police do a very difficult job as it is, and we should try to help them when we can, as without them this country would descend into chaos. They aren’t perfect, but are far better than police in many other countries. Roy and people with similar attitudes like him being negative towards the police is unhelpful, and makes me question whether he has been in trouble with the police so much to have such a silly view of them.

      • I’ve deleted the comment. Roy – if you’re reading, stop posting rubbish. Same to the other person posting conspiracy nonsense earlier.

      • Michael, you may want to check that U.S. Covid death figure! It’s around 273,000 or so last I looked.

        • Indeed, Chris. It’s 14 million infections nationwide in the US, not deaths (which is said to be over 260,000) so that is my mistake.


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