Greenwich cycle lane now due to complete on 18 Dec

Greenwich cycle lane now due to complete on 18 Dec

A cycle lane through east Greenwich which has seen work slow to a crawl is now expected to finish on 18 December according to local MP Matt Pennycook.

The “emergency” project will complete almost nine months after lockdown was introduced on 23 March and people told not to use public transport.

The failure to complete work – blamed on delays in sourcing materials – has caused frustration from many, and created conflict between drivers and cyclists.

I do hate it when people always bang on about the grass being greener abroad (see Berlin’s infamous airport delay that will smash notions of efficiency), but with this project authorities havnt showered themselves in glory. Numerous world cities implemented emergency measures in days.

In SE London we had plastic barriers causing more problems than they solved in certain areas – and amazingly still in place – at vast cost relative to work carried out.

The 18 Dec deadline is only from Park Row to Angerstein roundabout. The next section will follow, and then segregation stops where the new bus lane has been installed in Charlton.


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7 thoughts on “Greenwich cycle lane now due to complete on 18 Dec

  1. Not quite true about the bus lanes in Charlton.

    The cycle lane is still there (the white lines are very faded). The bus lanes have added on the outside.

  2. Yep but was referring to segregated lanes offering protection. There isn’t any and none planned past Charlton – cyclists still have buses and taxis driving past. Ok for many but if the intention is to encourage people to give cycling a go and are nervous it’s not ideal.

  3. Also, Greenwich Council, in a move that would make the marketing division of the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation proud, have erected barriers along the work in progress, but otherwise usable stretches preventing cyclists from taking advantage of the relatively safety of the cycle lane, forcing them on to narrower roads – in the darkest months of the year. Slow clap for RBG.

  4. The bus lane at the junction of Anchor and Hope Lane was causing more problems yesterday. It was delaying buses on Woolwich Road and Anchor and Hope Lane, one fire engine and one paramedic estate car and er, cars, in the short time it took me to walk by.

    Lunacy. When is someone going to admit this is a disaster?

  5. On the one hand, at least is something. On the other it has taken far too long to sick some poles in the ground and draw some lines. The design of the segregated cycle way is ok until heading into greenwich you either turn right along the backroads or have to navigate AGAINST INCOMMING TRAFFIC! Its extremely dangerous without a Pelican crossing to give right of way to cyclists, especially in winter with dark nights and poor viability.

    Cant understand the grunts of people complaining about more congestion between woolwich and the A2 due to the bus lane… it was always busy in rush hour and now it’s more busy – but that’s because there is more traffic. There’s plenty of flow outside of rush hour and kids can now cycle 2 a breast without being killed – a simple compromise.

    1. The Highway Code states cyclists should be in single file, so it would be wrong to teach children to cycle 2 abreast! Some cyclists now are not putting lights on their cycles, thinking they are safe now too? Where are the Council doing cycling proficiency testing? At one time it was done in schools and you would never let children cycle out alone on the roads until they passed and got their certificate!

      1. DWW i agree with you, i am 70yrs an when i was at school i we wanted to cycle to school we had to pass the cycling proficiency test before we were allowed to do it.

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