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Greenwich, Woolwich

Gridlock across Woolwich and Greenwich tonight

Courtesy TfL

Heavy traffic has seen vehicles stuck for up to an hour across Woolwich and Greenwich tonight.

TfL were blaming sheer weight of traffic and pressure from the BRITS at o2 tonight.

What isn’t helping is drivers blocking junctions or attempting iffy u-turns. I saw plenty myself this evening. It’s a lot easier to do in Greenwich borough given the authority are just one of 34 London councils not to use cameras to police roads. The others are Kensington & Chelsea and Bromley.

The Woolwich ferry has resumed but problems are plaguing the service – with very slow docking times due to problems with new automatic docking systems. Queues around the ferry are extremely long.

It’s also not a great surprise that membership numbers at the Greenwich Centre gym are dropping fast. Who wants to walk through traffic-clogged streets to reach it? Lots of new builds nearby should be a great boost but given what the surrounding area offers then not a great inducement to go there.


  1. Niall O

    odd to have so much traffic during half term too…

  2. The problems started with a broken down car over the river on the A102 northbound. Traffic queued back through the tunnel and reached Kidbrooke at one stage. When this happens people try and be clever and their satnavs divert them to the Rotherhithe Tunnel. As you can see from your pic, bad idea!

    Of course this is being exacerbated by the Brits, but the Dome sees events most days of the week and traffic flows usually aren’t that bad. If the Tunnel goes Tango Uniform then much of east Greenwich (and sometimes further afield) usually follows quite quickly.

    • fromthemurkydepths

      Yeah I thought the Brits line was iffy from TfL. Events on 3-4 nights a week. Funny thing is when woolwich ferry was out few headed there when Blackwall went wrong but lots did today – presumably google maps etc now think its a valid diversion again?

  3. Leyton Wylde

    Unfortunately these scenes are becoming the norm. I feel sorry for my work colleagues tonight on the 422s, fortunately I have this week off

  4. SG

    TfL won’t admit that anything the might not be doing or doing is causing a delay, it has to be everyone else’s fault.

    Maybe they can get the ferry going by December 2019!

    Gym membership / attendance in that location won’t be reliant on car based journeys

  5. Greenwich Park Fan

    Can we sustain private cars in the centre of Greenwich for much longer?

    The amount of space one car takes up, carrying one person, is absolutely massive compared to a bus.

    • fromthemurkydepths

      The cycle superhighway and one way system removal plus Silvertown will show us.

  6. SP

    Are they really not using cameras at all in the borough? My wife got fined a few weeks ago for stopping in a yellow box and it was a camera based fine near Eltham.

    • HK

      My father recently also got fined for stopping in a yellow box junction in Eltham, but the ticket/notice in the post came under Bexley council for some reason

  7. CDT

    Earlier in the evening there was also a car accident on the junction with John Wilson Street, Wellington Street and Artillery Place so traffic was also slow moving here.

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