Major scheme now underway in Plumstead and Woolwich – though you probably don’t know it

A major scheme funded by TfL to alter the main road between Plumstead and Woolwich is getting underway – without much, if any, real engagement with the public.

This work is the follow up to a £1.2 million project on Plumstead Road. The westbound stretch was carried out a couple of years ago and covered here.

It brought the area a longer bus lane and segregated cycle lane. The current work is for the eastbound stretch.

First stage of project

This expensive scheme has seen next to no engagement with the public. The only information is Plumstead Cllr Matt Morrow tweeting this:

When me and others asked for more information there was no reply.

Previous problems

The first round of this scheme was not without problems. The area near Plumstead station has become notorious for poor parking and obstructions to buses leading to over 100 drivers threatening to stop calling at stops near the station.

Plumstead station parking blocking bus lane

This scheme replaces a road flawed scheme from the early 2000s which hampered buses. Given this history one may have expected some engagement with relevant parties and the public.

The first part of the scheme did do a lot of good and this second phase probably will too – but the notoriously closed nature of Greenwich Council means we can’t be sure.

Assuming it does go without issue, then it’s another slot in creating a cycle lane running west-east across the borough. Cycle Super Highway 4 may have been capped as soon as it reaches Greenwich borough instead of running to Woolwich, but this does at least make one stretch better.

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12 thoughts on “Major scheme now underway in Plumstead and Woolwich – though you probably don’t know it

  • This was consulted on as one scheme. It’s just taken a long time to get started on the second half (east bound)

    • No documents I ever saw had the eastbound section included – and I had to actively seek out what I found and they were far from easy to source. That shows the problem – plans could have easily been uploaded to the RBG website and feedback sought from rail station passengers, pedestrians, cyclists, drivers, bus users and drivers. Didn’t happen and mistakes were made.

  • Typical of the current administration running Greenwich Council. They also hold a lot of meetings behind closed doors.

    • Totally agree Graham! A Meeting about a meeting as they say. of just hot air. This borough needs true decisive leadership and a change in direction.

  • Why not put fixed cameras in the bus lane and by the station to eradicate the illegal parking problem and also generate some cash towards the new scheme.

    • Greenwich are only one of three London councils (out of 32) never to have sought to use CCTV since powers given in 2004. They are finally going to later this year.

  • Sounds like they are making an even worse bottleneck for all the cars!

    • The early 2000s scheme removed one general traffic lane. There’s absolutely no info online about this new project but it can’t be reduced further. There’s plenty of space for a new cycle lane without narrowing other lanes. When the westbound was worked on recently they altered the layout to how it formerly was and doubled general traffic lanes on part.

  • I think I read somewhere recently that the Greenwich to Woolwich stretch of Cycleway 4 has already had funding allocated in the TfL business plan. I wonder if design work will get underway soon.

  • What about all the cars parked illegally by the mosque, at all different times of the day and night? Why are they not penalised or asked to move on.

  • A bit mixed on this – the first stage kerbs seem to be 45 degree (not ideal but kinder than a vertical face when a cyclist hits the side). There’s also the ‘canal’ effect when the drainage detail isn’t addressed.

    How’s the risk management going with that North Greenwich busway – just trying to audit the deaths and serious injuries over the 12(?) years of operation as a non-guided busway.

    You’ll find me as @BCCletts on twitter, and I did a piece on the busway fatality in 2016. Busways, as private roads are regulated by HSE under the 1974 HSAW Act, so safe working plans are required, and HSE investigate incidents. Here’s the review

    Given the serious and identical collision 8 weeks earlier, plus the failure to complete the safe route here in 2007 (leaving a half-finished zebra crossing), removal of the 10mph safe speed limit (& default to 30mph), plus broken/obscured signs, and the wrong signs in the wrong orientation at the site of the 2 crashes, I was surprised that no HSE action took place, given the £2.3m Section 3 fine for failures that lead to the Coventry crash.

    Happy to discuss transport matters, noying the new express coach service to North Greenwich from Canterbury, which, with cycle carriage on the 108, could crack some Kent-London commuter trips.

  • It wasn’t consulted on as one project. I did the concept design for the first westbound section (enforcement nothing to do with me I’m afraid) and attended public consultation events. Eastbound was never part of it.


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