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Cycle lane to Ikea blocked…by traffic sign

Last years effort

Someone in their wisdom has decided to place one of those large electronic signs slap bang in the middle of a cycle lane in Greenwich near Odeon. You have to laugh given the song and dance made over Ikea sustainability.

Cyclists can now dive into a bus lane or onto paving approaching Ikea. Great work.

OK – a mistake you may think. Not the end of the world. Yet the message on the sign is amusing too. No parking for local events it says. In effect it’s perfect for local events. Well, there’s no need to buy a thing to park for five hours so policing it would be impossible. Saves a fair few quid parking near the o2.

A recent Ikea planning submission not only sought permission for five hours free parking but revealed they’d be no fine for overstaying the first time.

If people know that, it’s an ideal place to go if visiting the o2. It’s perfect for local events if in a car. Got a gig to go to, visiting football, a day out in Greenwich? Ideal. The sign is rubbish.

Oh, and it very likely took some of the Section 106 money for the local area.



  1. Nick

    They forgot to paint a picture of a bike in that bit of bike lane too!

  2. K.

    Oh, **please** forward this photo to Warrington cyclce campaign for a possible entry in their “facility of the week” gallery!

  3. Jan

    I cycle to North Greenwich station on most week days, signs put in the cycle lane constantly (never mind the broken glass which doesn’t get cleared up for months, also very poor signage meaning dodging pedestrians wandering in the cycle. I’ve raised this with the council more than once but to no avail. They tell us to be ‘sustainable’ but they don’t make it easy!

  4. Razzelcat

    I suspect that has nothing to do with IKEA and more to do with the land/car park owners. The sign reads as though it is putting off people parking here and taking the bus to The O2.

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