Segregated cycle lane at notorious Greenwich roundabout delayed again

Work to improve safety for cyclists at a lethal Greenwich roundabout has been delayed once again.

Plans to create a segregated lane at the Angerstein roundabout due to begin this month have been put back yet further until 14th January 2020. Some other limited work may begin beforehand.

Work delayed time and again

This is the latest delay in utilising money given to the authority by TfL. Work in spring 2019 was put back until autumn and is now delayed yet further.

Area badly maintained and dated in design

The council’s usual lack of consultation and engagement means even at this late stage there is no information in the public domain on what it comprises.

The last fatality at the roundabout occurred in May 2018.

The area has seen allocation of funds before with no work apparently undertaken. In 2015 £50,000 was allocated as part of a £400,000 HILLS project:

Taken from Greenwich Highways work document around 2014. No sign this ever happened

Back in 2011/12 more LIP funds were supposed to have been spent on the area:

  • £274,000 in Greenwich on the A206 / Trafalgar Road, SE10 ( from Lassell St to Armitage Rd incl. Blackwall Lane Junction)
  • £100,000 at the Woolwich Road/Blackwall tunnel approach roundabout

There was no sign of any work.

As this site has regularly covered, Greenwich Council have also been extremely reluctant to use funds from a huge number of new housing and retail developments in the ward to improve the street network.

Developments across Greenwich Peninsula ward saw £87.419 million secured from Section 106 over the period 2013/14 to 2017/18:

S106 by ward. Greenwich Peninsula highlighted

Greenwich are almost plum-last across all London authorities in using income from S106/CIL (and parking) to top-up funds given from TfL each year to improvement streets. Not roads – but streets including paving and public space. Greenwich Council fail to grasp the difference most of the time.

Only £206k allocated to top up TfL funds

The authority plan to spend just £206,000 over three years from S106 and CIL across the borough above and beyond what TfL will award. Parking allocation is zero. Lambeth, for example, plan £3.9 million over three years (and £15 million from parking income):

Many other London authorities are planning to boost funds by millions or tens of million each year. Click here to see numbers for many London councils.

Cluttered and dangerous

TfL also cancelled upgrade work on the roundabout via the Better Junctions scheme though later reinstated – yet no further information has come out on what the work will include, or when it will happen.

Work delayed here

At a recent Better Together meeting the public were again told to direct complaints towards TfL for the condition of certain streets. That was despite those streets being solely under Greenwich Council control and where S106 brought the authority large amounts of income. A follow-up post will look at that meeting and the exact amount in S106 income from various developments.

Passing the buck continues.






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10 thoughts on “Segregated cycle lane at notorious Greenwich roundabout delayed again

  • How are delays such as these announced?

    • They aren’t – I’m either informed by people who work on them or I look at planned lists of work

  • What does the proposed work actually look like?

    • In true Greenwich fashion there’s absolutely no visuals and only a description stating segregated lanes on approach roads.

  • Greenwich Councils reluctance to spend S106/Community infrastructure levy funds is baffling. Where is all this money going? Needless to say on wasteful projects and failed upstarts. We should be promoting the greatness and wellbeing of this Royal Borough.

    The Realm is in dire need of investment, Poor outdated design and lack of maintenance left in disrepair.
    Less clutter is better, especially with those shoddy weathered but expensive bollards.
    More investment is needed for new paving, Roads and trees.

  • Yeah well we don’t want it ere, iss all bein done to spite drivers who are careful. There aint ardly been any accidents there n most accidents rahnd ere where I live are caused by motorbikes n cyclists not cars n thass all there is to it.

      • I think he’s taking the piss out of people who speak a certain way. Just bad taste.

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