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Viewing platform coming to Greenwich Peninsula

Ever wanted to watch a tunnel being built? Now’s your chance as plans are in to construct a viewing platform on the Greenwich Peninsula at the corner of Edmund Halley Way and West Parkside.

Knight Dragon are behind the plans which they call “a decorative folly that conceals a viewing platform, drawing sightlines through central park towards the Victorian terraces / Design District site”.

A five year life span is expected. According to plans, “the floors create canopies that we can utilise for outdoor community programming – jazz, circus, theatre and community workshops.”

The site was formerly fountains but has been fenced off for years. Presumably it was there when the Millenium celebrations were underway.

I can’t quite remember any fountains. All I really recall from the 2000 celebration was the giant shed showing Blackadder then the dome itself with the escalator through a giant human heart.

The planning reference is 18/1471/F

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  1. Tom

    My residing memory of the Millennium Dome was coming up from Somerset with College to see it, all anyone was excited about was the largest Mcdonald’s in Europe let you have unlimited refills, how little did I know 8 years later I would be boarding the 161 or the 132 from North Greenwich!

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