Send them down: Tower plans at Greenwich Magistrates Court axed as revised ideas pursued

Back in April developers unveiled plans to convert the Grade II former Greenwich Magistrates Court to a 300 room hotel and construct a tower alongside.

This didn’t go down too well in some quarters.

So now developers are back with revised plans. The 300-room hotel plan remains. The 13-storey tower is now down to eight floors.

And crucially the taller elements are away from the street frontage unlike earlier plans.

Car parking spaces are down from 67 to 20. Two Victorian former school buildings are also now retained.

Note however this is only illustrative and these plans are very early in the planning process. A further plan will need to be put in.

Click here to see details.

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6 thoughts on “Send them down: Tower plans at Greenwich Magistrates Court axed as revised ideas pursued

  • Glad to see the school being retained, too many of these beautiful Victoria buildings are being lost forever, only to be replaced by disgusting lego boxes of flats. Greenwich council need this approach, especially in Woolwich.

  • An easier solution is to create a time machine for NIMBYs to go live in the Victorian period and then they can leave us alone to live peacefully in our disgusting Lego flats.

  • Enjoying the thin partition walls and lack of storage space and how about living in the kitchen, not to mention the tiny, windowless shower room?

  • This is clearly a greedy developer trying to squeeze as many hotel rooms as possible into a difficult site with an insensitive architect. The new plans create an oppressive kerbside on Greenwich High Road, the buildings still too tall (and boringly generic in design). The location of the delivery access will exacerbate nocturnal noise problems for neighbouring residents and cause more polluting congestion during busy traffic periods, when there are already long queues at the traffic lights.

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