Stunning views from the reopened Thames Path in Greenwich

The Thames Path in the western side of Greenwich Peninsula has re-opened after years of closures.

So I set off for a stroll. Spoiler: it’s well worth doing with some spectacular views over the Thames.

I set off from beside new builds at River Gardens and Enderby Wharf.

Enderby Wharf is pretty much complete (well phase 1 anyway) and River Gardens is seeing the last blocks now rising. This area will see a new pub soon at listed Enderby House.

The path changes from nice, new and wide with a cycle lane to very narrow in places and pretty scruffy. Bikes and pedestrians were trying to squeeze past each other continuously.

This area is also the spot of a contentious planned cruise liner terminal.

Head further along and you’ll find your own tropical sandy beach (shame about the tyres mind).

This genuinely felt pretty idyllic in the sun and with barely anyone around. Quite bizarre actually with the teeming mass of Canary Wharf over the river.

The walk passes Morden Wharf. U&I have been threatening to build here for six years but nothing concrete has ever emerged. The latest early plan states 1,500 homes will be built sometime in the future.

Part of the site is currently a bus garage which opened last year. Old routemasters used for events and tourists can just about be made out through a tiny hole in the wall:

Around this spot of a pier that is accessible to the public. A nice place to stroll out over the Thames and admire the views:

Along from here are more large vacant sites waiting for development:

I snuck inland at this point though you can meander back towards the Thames. It That would lead past Victoria Deep Water Terminal, past the golf driving range then to the spot where a 10,000 capacity music and entertainment district is being built.

Some industry lives on at the Brenntag site, including chemical storage. Someone had recently set light to this bike. It’s pretty run down. The threatened gasholder can be seen behind:

This leads on to the dire Blackwall Approach. Some trees would help with pollution and make the pedestrian experience slightly less awful.

A winding ramp then leads to a footbridge over the traffic clogged road towards the dome, park, housing and schools. Travelodge want to build a tower here. Plus there’s the new “folly” nearer the o2, which I also visited.

There’s some great old and new views:

So have wander over and enjoy this still-forgotten corner of London. As noted above, Morden Wharf is bound to start one day (with revised early plans submitted just a couple of weeks ago) which could well lead to the next closure.

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Many thanks

J Smith

I've lived in south east London most of my life growing up in Greenwich borough and working in the area for many years. The site has contributors on occasion and we cover many different topics. Living and working in the area offers an insight into what is happening locally.

    7 thoughts on “Stunning views from the reopened Thames Path in Greenwich

    • That was a bit skimpy, wasn’t it. There are a number of installations going in, or under way. No mention of lots of things – the derisory play space and info plaque on the so-called Riverside Gardens? the work done by the wretched EA on the river wall and the removal of all the barge building remains?? the preserved structures at Enderbys? The work done by Groundwork in the 2000s (which included trees) removed by subsequent site owners?? Renovation of jetties by Groundwork?? Hansons planned factory and the work ongoing there? the golf range?? the shooting star? and that’s just the stuff you can see. Look – I’ll make you can offer – I can’t walk well but I will make an exception for you, take you down there and show you what you should be looking at. Will need some rests though on the way.
      and do you really really really think the new standardised path is the best that could be done – double width?? planting on the river edge?? this is a historic path going along the top of the river wall – where’s the context, where’s the historic references, where’s the amenity? where’s anything in fact?
      Could do a lot better.

      • You’re always welcome to start your own blog.

        Thanks @murkydepths for your unrelelenting dedication to reporting local matters. I really appreciate the breadth and depth of reporting that you do. Whether it’s bringing new developments to light or holding Greenwich Council to account, I appreciate it.

        • Hm, seemed a bit rude but maybe she’s very frustrated at the changes, I understand she’s something of a local historian. It would be nice to have the historical context pointed out along the way though, there’s nothing at all in that regard.

          I’m very sad to hear there’ll be developments at Morden wharf, the old path has a much better atmosphere than these new sections with their over-bearing buildings.

    • I do do three blogs – the one which does news which includes this area is There is also a peninsula history site which is mostly source material and documents about the area I’ve also written and published two booklets about the path – now sadly out of date. I hope we/they can set up a QRtagged trail along the path (the problem is liaison between various entities) although something should be in place at Enderbys very soon. Until recently there were metal info plaques on the jetties (removed by developers) and etc etc. Happy to meet and talk – could even do a presentation. It would be useful if commentators like Murky took some of what has gone on down there on board.

      I wouldn’t describe my self as ‘something of a local historian’ – but an old lady with an interest (and a doctorate) in the history of industry in East and South East London.

      Sorry about this – persuading myself I could do a presentation on it next week where a speaker has dropped out.

    • It’s not a walk I would do on my own, so thanks to fromthemurkydepths for doing so on my behalf.

    • OK – sorry to take up your time (again) The speaker for Greenwich Industrial History meeting next week is ill – so I suppose I will have to fill in. I will do the riverside path from Ballast Quay until I run out of space – the history, the ‘regeneration’, the scandals, the truth.
      Age Exchange Bakehouse, 7.30 Tuesday 13th. All welcome,, no parking.

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