65 flats approved in Woolwich at former car dealership site

Greenwich Council’s Planning Board approved 65 flats this week at 36-38 Artillery place in Woolwich. It was formally a car dealership.

A previous block had been approved on the site for 52 flats in 2015, but since then Bellway have taken over the site and submitted plans for a slightly larger development.

The site contains 40% so-called “affordable” housing. 26% of the total is social housing, which is more applicable to the term affordable. This is higher than most developments.

The flats will comprise 25×1-bed, 20×2-bed and 20×3-bed.

S106 income

We await to see where Section 106 and Community Infrastructure Levy income from Bellway will be spent. Will Greenwich Council change tact and invest some in deprived local estates and areas of Woolwich Town Centre? In many instances of large-scale development over the past decade they have not done so.

This has often fuelled resentment in areas where large developments have taken place. This was seen on Tuesday night’s meeting regarding the 335-home Charlton development, covered by the Charlton Champion.

Much money has been derived from large developments in Charlton with little to improve the local area.

This will be covered in more depth in a forthcoming post, and spending increased sums of S106 and CIL income locally will not arrest all concerns (eg the height of Charlton plans) but if people gain a better park, shopping area or see neglected estates revamped due to income from developments it would help alleviate some issues, and not just in Charlton but across the borough.

For example, close to the Woolwich development is a pretty grotty shopping parade on Frances Street. Modest sums could improve it. A deep clean and replacing those bloody awful wooden bollards would make the area more appealing.

Courtesy Google

Yes I know, sorry, going on about wooden bollards again but they look awful. Discoloured, flimsy and often at various angles and dragging down areas they’re located. It’s often the little things that make a difference.

Courtesy Google

Just beyond is a patch of grass. Some more trees could be planted, or play equipment for children installed, or other ideas derived through liasing with estate residents.

Now S106 and CIL income is being placed into the public domain through recent law changes we will see busy areas in are the heart of communities improved.


Finally, also approved at the meeting include an extension to QE Hospital in Woolwich, covered here. Good news.



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I've lived in south east London most of my life growing up in Greenwich borough and working in the area for many years. The site has contributors on occasion and we cover many different topics. Living and working in the area offers an insight into what is happening locally.

    2 thoughts on “65 flats approved in Woolwich at former car dealership site

    • Hehe you really don’t like those bollards. They are rubbish though. I love how there’s some 2 inches from other street furniture. Bexley Council use small black ones which look smarter and seem to stay upright, and more sparingly.

      Apparently Greenwich Council use them due to bad parking but on that road people just park in the road blocking the street instead. Bollards or not, if no wardens ever appear what’s the point in them?

      I walk that area a lot as family live nearby and any one who walks through could draw up a list of things to improve with any income. They won’t though will they? That’s why so many areas are crap and locals sadly regard most of the borough as a shithole. Not me, but you hear it all the time which is sad. No pride = no respect.

    • Oooh right by that great shisha bar, nice!


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