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Woolwich DLR station closed after train breaks down

Woolwich DLR station has been closed this morning due to problems with a train .

Severe disruption is occurring with passengers unable to enter the station.

TfL recommends taking trains from the adjacent Southeastern station.

The ferry in Woolwich is also not running and a traffic accident has occurred near the Waterfront.

Good luck!


  1. Nick

    And today I cycled past the DLR, past the ferry and probably past the accident, the Thames Path and a bike is a great option.

  2. Paul SuperUnknown

    Hahahaha! Great advertisement for the ‘balance to Canary Wharf’!
    Hahahaha! Woolwich: City of the Damned, Home of the Mongs!

    • Michael

      Not sure what you are on about@Paul SuperUnknown. Your comment makes no sense.

      The 161 bus I was on paused along Beresfored Road opposite the hotel to let a police car pass by. As we got to the roundabout I saw that the car – a Skoda estate – was crashed against the barriers just after the roundabout near the Waterfront. Both airbags deployed and an ambulance was already there.

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