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Aerial photos of Woolwich Crossrail station

Courtesy Crossrail. Woolwich Station

Crossrail have been uploading new aerial photos of various sites and some new additions show Woolwich station.

Woolwich Station’s new entrance

They’re not as revealing of the station itself as Abbey Wood station photographs which I covered yesterday – being underground and all tends to do that – but they do show development sites around the station and how they’re shaping up.

Courtesy Crossrail. Work site seen at top left of image

One is the glamorously named “Building 10” which is being converted by Berkeley Homes into shops and new housing. Controversially this development was not part of the site masterplan and will overshadow neighbouring blocks. Those residents had no idea this was coming.

Block to be built over listed building 10

This overview perspective somewhat diminishes the height of the slab block, it’s bulk can still be seen in relation to blocks on the left.

Alongside the block will be new shops and public space:

New shops

I looked at plans for this space back in January 2019.

To the left of the station is Building 11, or the officers’ House. This was threatened with demolition in 2014 for a taxi rank. After a campaign it has been retained and restored. I visited the site and took a look around last year.

This would’ve been flattened if original plans went ahead

Station entrance

There is of course just one entrance planned for Woolwich Crossrail station as a result of the station being a late addition. Unlike much of London, local people are footing much of the bill for fitting out the station as a condition of a station being built.

West Thamesmead Gateway plans

That limits the number of entrances and exits and has prevented a new entrance closer towards Plumstead and Thamesmead despite vast housebuilding plans in the area including West Thamesmead Gateway where 1,500 homes are planned.

A nearby college is also looking at building 320 homes.

New towers will also be built above the eastern end of the station.

Armourers Court

Earlier this year the number of homes planned here was revised up from 400 to 515. Click here to read more about that.

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  1. JayBee

    Seems like a huge amount of wasted space above the station. Couldn’t this have been used for flats or offices to generate additional income for TfL?

    • Jack

      It’s not TFL’s land – so TfL would have generated no income.

  2. Ian

    Someone has missed a trick here. Have a look online at the Twickenham station redevelopment.

  3. Steve

    Although an Eastern entrance towards Thamesmead hasn’t been built at the moment does the station have the potential to add one at a later stage?

  4. CDT

    Yep have to agree the Twickenham Station redevelopment does look good with an excellent use of space,

    A entrance nearer to Plumstead/West Thamesmead would be an excellent addition to the Woolwich Crosssrail Station for residents in these areas,

    Especially as many more new homes are planned to be built in this area.With further sites earmarked for housing in the future.

    The question now is when will the Woolwich Station open due to the unaviodable delays caused by the Covid-19 virus which is not the Governments or Mayor For London/TFL fault.

    • Investment Banker

      Completely agree that another entrance nearer to Pettman Crescent would have been perfect. Although it is important to understand that this station was a last-minute shoe in.

      Also not sure if the pavement is wide enough to cater to commuters interchanging to the National Rail/DLR station.

      I believe that the station will open finally in late Autumn/Winter 2022.

      Separately, there has to be a DLR terminus station earmarked within Thamesmead (West Thamesmead) arriving from Beckton with the ever growing populace in the area (Surely?).

      Hopefully due to COVID-19, the absurd prices going for some of the new build flats will reduce. Will just feel sorry for some of the people who will be in negative equity and struggling to repay rent.

      Lastly, Woolwich Arsenal/Town Centre needs to be more connected with the Royal Arsenal area. Maybe a bus service to terminate in the area? 301 could be redirected possibly?

      • fromthemurkydepths

        The waterfront transit was supposed to go through the Arsenal before it was scrapped. Locals complained. If or when it’s reborn it may head through.

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