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Lidl Foots Cray rebuild to be decided at next Bexley planning meeting

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Plans to demolish Lidl at Foots Cray and build a new store will go before Bexley’s planning committee on June 1st.

It’s been more than two years since an application was made in March 2018 which I covered here.


The plans see a bog standard Lidl retail shed and just five homes built on what is a sizeable site. Given Bexley Council aim to build thousands of homes across the borough at many sites and have already approved plans to build on greenery, let’s see if they permit such low levels of housing on brownfield land.

Courtesy Google. Park to be built over in Erith

If sites like this see few homes more greenery will be built on in coming years.



  1. Graham

    Yes I agree Murky. Why they cannot build a new decent sized Lidl store with homes above like they did with the store on Lee High Road i do not know.

    As a new store is part of the plans then mixed retail/housing developments do work well as seen in other areas. Plus it gives the shop customers from the homes above.

    I would like to see more homes in Bexley built on developments like this to safeguard some of the green spaces in the Bexley Borough,

  2. Geoff Hetherington

    Just outside of your usual coverage, but you might consider including reporting on the persistent Lidl efforts to get planning permission to demolish the Porcupine pub in Mottingham, which they bought in an under-the-table deal before locals had a chance to do anything. Efforts to thwart Lidl getting planning permission have been successful so far, but the site is becoming an eyesore, pub restoration more difficult and public chatter more about ameliorating the impact of a supermarket at that location. It is to be hoped that Bromley Councillors sticks to their guns one more time (naturally the “professionals” in the planning department recommend the loss of community space to another supermarket), but then have the backbone to CPO it in trust pending a community group taking it on.

  3. CDT

    I think a better use of this site would have been to make it a mixed retail/housing development. With the new Lidl Store at ground floor level with new homes above.

    Dare I say the new homes could be for social housing set at locally affordable rents.

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