Heavier barriers coming to Greenwich town centre as existing measures displaced

Temporary barriers are back in place in Greenwich town centre after some were moved or knocked aside yesterday.

The barriers are in place to assist with social distancing on narrow paving as footfall increases in coming days and weeks.


The fragility of current design is an issue. Greenwich Council leader Danny Thorpe has stated “We are just awaiting a delivery of heavier barriers that we will be putting in asap.”

Concerns have also been raised by some cyclists that they restrict space as they dice with vehicles. Drivers have also continued to park poorly in the area.

Render of future plan

In time a full re-working of the area will be undertaken but timeframes are unknown.

Courtesy Google. “Wands” protecting lanes are a cheap measure

Will another interim solution be needed before that work proceeds in coming months, perhaps with “wands”?

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    17 thoughts on “Heavier barriers coming to Greenwich town centre as existing measures displaced

    • Yes a lot of banisters were knocked over by the Cutty Sark yesterday afternoon…

    • I’m sure Greenwich Council will find a way to screw the works up and we the tax payer pay double the price for it!

    • They are a very bad idea because they will lead to more congestion ,more pollution and that will kill a lot more people than RTI’s do ! …
      And it slows the emergency services down because they can’t get through ..every second counts !

    • What I find the worst thing about these poles for the cycle lane, is when emergency services are trying to get through, there is no where for the traffic to pull to the side to let them through. I also cycle a lot and actually have almost hit the poles on several occasions.

    • I expect the barriers were pushed aside by people not willing to go to the crossing points.

      I am normally pro-cyclist, but the road has been reduced to single file and they should adjust their own position accordingly.

      As for parking, the barriers prevent this, so where is the ‘poor parking’ taking place.

        • That car was parked there before the barriers were installed. The workers fenced it in. The council gave no notice that the spaces would be suspended.

    • This is a very poor and dangerous solution from the Council. Cyclists use the pedestrian’s part because they don’t want to be hit by a car on the narrow street, which is completely understandable. But that makes it dangerous for pedestrians. And with the Naval College closed and the place at the Cutty Sark closed too on Weekends it is impossible to keep social distance.
      So please open the Naval College and leave the rest open so people can keep the distance and nobody has to fear for their lives because of cars or bicycles. There’s no reason to keep them closed with the new and upcoming guidelines.

    • Sadly some selfish drivers will ruin for everyone else like they always do.

      I agree with you Anonymous 201486 Cyclist do have to adjust to the situation themselves. Cyclist and respect other road users.

      People must also respect the social distancing rules and leave the barriers in place or we will get a second wave of the coronavirus and end up back in lockdown. This is what we really do not want to happen !!

    • I am normally pro cyclist too as a great way of getting exercise for those brave enough to cycle on heavily congested roads,

      However, I do agree with the comment that pedal cyclist do have to adjust to their own situation too and respect that motorist do pay a lot of money in car taxes, insurance and tax on their fuel to have their cars on the road.

      All road users whether driving a vehicle, riding a motorcycle or riding on a pedal cycle all need to respect each other and the rules of the road as they apply to all of us.

      I think Greenwich Council should have bit the bullett and started work to complete the Greenwich Town Centre improvements and remove the Greenwich One Way System making Greenwich Town Centre safer for all .Rather than have temporary barriers in place for years causing havoc.

    • Oh dear,there’s appears some anti cyclist sentiment arising sadly. Starting a sentence with ‘ I am normally pro cyclist but’ is implying there are things about cycling and cyclists which irritate. ( I am not a racist…but!!). There are good and bad cyclists, motorists,and people in general. Just as I love to see people enjoying our sunny weather on the heath during lockdown,but despair to see the plastic, glass and paper litter some leave behind. Is it cyclists fault that government decide to tax vehicles, would you prefer to tax cycling? But my issue is with the comments about cyclists ‘adjusting to their situation’. What exactly do commentators imply by adjusting? The rules of the road for cycling and keeping safe on dangerous roads include that, in narrow lanes without cycle lanes, cyclists should maintain a central position to avoid being overtaken dangerously. If cyclists are not keeping to this rule they are putting their own lives in danger from any ‘impatient’ drivers passing too closely and risking unnerving or at worst knocking the cyclist off or running them down. There is no need to overtake here, it’s a 20mph max for road safety,and most cyclists are not going to be much below that for this short distance involved. Please do remember though, some cyclists can be reckless for sure, but so can some drivers too, but cyclists have no metal barrier around them. As a 65 year old cyclist of 40 years, please allow us a little courtesy for us helping reduce pollution and save lives of those with respiratory problems exacerbated by vehicle pollutants. Stay safe all. Let’s all try and be considerate to each other on London’s dangerous roads. In Holland virtually every driver whether car or truck, is also still a cyclist as well, and has been since young childhood, and that helps breed respect for each other on the road.

    • I had to see it to believe it. What the hell?

    • The yellow barriers to help with social distancing for pedestrians in Greenwich town centre are not really working. The fenced off road is being used by cyclists as a pop up cycle lane, forcing pedestrians onto the narrow pavements, preventing them from social distancing. Further to this some cyclists are using these new ‘cycle lanes’ to cycle the wrong way around the one way system! This can be alarming when a pedestrian is walking along only to come head to head with a cyclist cycling in the wrong direction.

    • I noticed cyclists stuck behind the car that had parked. Greenwich council really needs to sort this out. Every road user has to stick to the rules.

      • Totally agree! Has it ever been the case though, and with less policing on the road will it ever be? We can only but hope and try to educate I guess.

    • ‘my issue is with the comments about cyclists ‘adjusting to their situation’.’

      The width of roads are being considerably narrowed and everybody has a place on it. I too used to be a cyclist and I did not ride in the gutter, but defended by position on the road. As a driver, I give cyclist a wide berth and don’t harass them.

      There is quite a bit of arrogance and self-congratulation about saving the environment on the part of cyclist, which annoys drivers. Me, I just hang behind until I can safely pass and accept that I am part of the problem. Tolerance cuts both ways.

      • You’re quite right ‘anonymous’, point taken about arrogance and self congratulation. Guess I’ve been self congratulating for over 40 years now, whilst traffic in Greenwich has just got worse and worse, with many more vans/lorries from home shopping and fast food deliveries to add to increased road usage. Our roads weren’t designed for the volume of private passenger vehicles, public transport, commercial vehicles and delivery vehicles as well as cyclists and pedestrians. They will always be competing for the most space and self importance. But the only way forward as you rightly say is tolerance. As always tolerance in a fast moving modern world with increasing population sharing the same space in cities with various modes of transport, is something sadly in short supply. partly I believe because too few continue to cycle as well as drive (almost all cyclists drive too) after their childhood, often because of the inherent or perceived danger. So any measures to remove the danger or reduce it, should be welcomed. imho.


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