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Top notch design in Greenwich

Street furniture in bike lane near B&Q in Greenwich

I saw this excellent example of crap design once again on a passing bus and had to put it up on here.

We have not one, not two but six pieces of street furniture on the cycle lane here at Greenwich Peninsula. To round off the image there’s also a car parked on paving and a lorry unloading on the cycle lane round the corner.

The retail park excelled itself last year by putting a sign up in the cycle lane.

Last years effort

This was while a big thing was being made of going to Ikea by bike. It seems very few ever do judging by the stands when I’m in the area. They’re tucked around the corner away from most footfall.




  1. Graham

    With the bollards placed on the cycle lane at the Greenwich Peninsula it looks like two cycle lanes have now gone in to one cycle lane as there is not enough room for cyclist to pass the bollards safely.

    So much for encouraging more cycling and walking and using public transport in the Borough of Greenwich,

    • Tod East

      There have been several accidents on that particular corner. That’s why the bollards are in place. Most cyclist’s I have seen choose to ride we’re ever it suits them anyway I’m sure they can going around a few bollards.

      • Trevor

        Are you seriously trying to justify the Council’s bollard policy? My long-standing assumption is that there is a madman at loose within the department responsible, armed with an unlimited amount of ratepayers cash.

      • John Tyler

        Vacuous response from an anti cycle Nazi. Vehicle drivers go through red lights, turn without indicating and generally park like they haven’t passed a test or understand the laws of the road.

      • JB

        ‘most cyclist’s I have seen’ (sic), that’s a weird thing to say considering in the picture there is a car parked on the pavement and a lorry in the cycle lane, but you crack on eh, Tod.

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