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Greenwich town centre goes car free today

Sadly the weather isn’t exactly playing ball, but parts of Greenwich town centre are closed to cars today as part of Car Free Day 2018.

It’s on until 6pm (it’d be great to have it late into the night with live music – maybe next year) with food, drink, music, games and activities.

Something like La Merce in Barcelona (with the BAM free music festival alongside) would be incredible.

Local businesses will be opening up into the street with food and crafts whilst children will enjoy street performers and various activities laid out.

One area that won’t see much use unless some changes happen soon is a beach area.

It’s part of world Car Free Day 2018, which sees numerous streets closed across London and other world cities.

The variation in closures is marked. Bexley and Lewisham have none, Greenwich one, Hackney over 15 and Richmond more than 25.

The one way system in Greenwich is due to be replaced by two-way traffic in coming years.

That very spot sees poor parking on a very regular basis, as does the entire road with minimal enforcement.

Let’s hope it spurs on Greenwich Council towards a change in attitudes to streets elsewhere in the borough as just down the road in east Greenwich at this very moment traffic is terrible, parking is blocking bus and cycle lanes and the notoriously awful streetscapes and public realm is still there, mostly untouched for many years, hostile to pedestrians and pretty much ignored by the authority despite ample funds coming into their coffers from nearby developments.


  1. Hedley Shaw

    Only 15 PCN issued on that stretch since April but never worry Cllr Brain has requested a parking purge

  2. James

    People need to park somewhere. Maybe come up with a solution rather than whinge about parking tickets.

    • Hedley Shaw

      Agreed parking is needed…. the point I was trying to make is that the enforcement along Woolwich and Trafalgar Rds is very poor and that contributes massively to the cogestion and pollution. Meanwhile by comparison 65 PCNs have been issues in the new pay and display system in Annandale Rd. I have contacted RBG witha series of solutions though it has taken two months to get a reply.

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