Crime rises sharply in Eltham but falls in Abbey Wood. A full look at the figures

The Metropolitan Police will be at a Greenwich Council meeting next week explaining the state of crime in the area, and an accompanying report reveals crime levels in the recent past.

With stabbings and shootings making the headlines, the hard data paints a worrying picture.

Weapon enabled crime has increased 30% so far this financial year after a 15% increase last year. Woolwich Riverside saw a 56% increase and Woolwich Common 92%.

Robbery rose 14% last year but has dropped 10% this year. Woolwich Riverside ward saw a 94% increase last year.

In terms of overall crime, Eltham saw the sharpest increase in Greenwich. Eltham South to be precise, with a 27.7% rise. Abbey Wood saw the biggest drop at 10%:

In terms of total offences, there was a 1.5% rise in the latest full financial year compared to previously, and so far this year an increase of 2.4%.

Sexual offences in the last year jumped 25% (London wide was 12.5%), and so far this year there is another rise of 17% (compared to 4.8% across London).

Domestic abuse rose 9% last financial year, and then another 16% so far this year. Greenwich ranks 30th out of 33 London authorities for domestic abuse.

Hate crime saw a big reduction, with a 14% drop last full financial year and 11% so far this financial year.

Anti-social behaviour fell by 9% last year and 5% so far this year.

Photo courtesy: Jamie C2009 under Creative Commons 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

Burglary was up 38% last year but down 5% this year.

Whilst stabbings and shootings make headlines it’s always worthwhile to see the bigger picture and look at things in context, and these figures do paint a picture of rising crime in some areas with worrying numbers for weapon related crime and sexual offences continuing into this year.

The increase coincides with reductions in police and support numbers, despite Teresa May famously claiming as Home Secretary that “it’s not about numbers”.

The report can be seen here where you can monitor what’s happening in your ward.

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