Man stabbed on Deptford High Street after large fight

A fight between two groups on Deptford High Street has resulted in a stabbing tonight.

Lewisham Police have once again initiated a Section 60 order. This follows one being issued just two days ago after a triple stabbing in Lewisham.

Deptford station was closed for a time after the incident at 8:30pm.

Looking towards Deptford station

The condition of the victim and arrest details are not yet known.

UPDATE: The station has just reopened.

Witnesses can contact police on 101.



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4 thoughts on “Man stabbed on Deptford High Street after large fight

  • The only worthwhile deterrent is an alert police officer and we need them more than ever. Unfortunately it requires the political will to spend money (train and retain) and deal with the issue of profiling by racial or economic subtype) . Whoever pays for new police on the streets gets my vote. Chicken boxes won’t stop a knife but an alert, motivated officer can make all but the most bloodthirsty perp think twice about doing harm on the streets. Meanwhile I hope you all exercise caution in these dark days.

  • I agree Charles. However, I believe the idea behind the chicken boxes was to reach out to younger people that tend to eat a lot of fried chicken and chips. The idea I believe was for them to read the messages and hopefully think twice about knife crime and getting inolved in gangs before it is too late and they are recruited in to a gang.

    I see a lot of school age children hanging around fried chicken shops at lunch times and in the evenings. So any way the message can be got across to them the better.

    We all know more police officers are required. We also know which sections of the community that are most affected by gang culture. So we need more social workers and support workers working with these communities and permanent stop and search introduced agaiin. We also need more officers on the beat patrolling the streets to tackle knife crime which sadly is all too often related to drugs.

    We all want to walk around streets and go about our business safely and without the fear of arm or abuse.

    Too many young lives are being lost needlessly and this needs to stop,

    • I think that you are right: there’s a lot of neglect as far as youth are concerned. One of my nephews told me that his secondary school (in Ilford) hasn’t had a playground since last year as its supposed to be fixed, so they go out on the street to let off steam. Young teenagers have a biological imperative to cope with the hormones flooding their bodies, and for young boys in particular the surges in testosterone can be difficult to address. This can be compounded by social, familial or ethnic ideas of gender identity eg: being a man, manning up etc.

      There’s also a distinct lack of affordable adult – let alone youth – leisure facilities or public spaces where groups of boisterous teens won’t be moved on or eyed with suspicion. No clubs to play in or quiet libraries to read or study in. Social media has filled this gap, replacing physical gathering spaces with virtual ones. The problem here is that teenagers are only beginning how to think for themselves, and often lack guidance or example to think critically about the information they are exposed to or the speed at which they are exposed to it.

      The chicken shop thing is something we all bear responsibility for – for many it’s the only affordable hot food of the day and it speaks volumes that many children rely on this as a daily meal. To address this though we’d need to address wealth distribution across London.

      All your points are excellent and cut to the heart of the matter. Unfortunately they also take time and a political will that is absent. Like gun crime in the US its more about throwing blame instead of working (unlauded) behind the scenes. A few more people with your clarity Graham and we’d actually have the making of a decent council.

  • Thank you Charles. . You also make some excellent comments I could not agree with you more on the issues you have raised in your comments. You too would make an excellent councillor on the Council.

    After all Greenwich Council is in need of change and be presented by people with clear common sense and as a real understanding of the issues affecting our young people. They need more people just like you Charles.


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