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Seized van believed to be part of catalytic converter theft spree

Courtesy @MPSBarnehurst

Widespread thefts of catalytic converters have been a widespread issue recently with thieves brazenly seen stealing from vehicles in a matter of minutes.

Police in Barnehurst have tweeted that they’ve discovered a vehicle believed to be used in a number of thefts.

They stated:

“In the early hours of this morning we found and recovered this vehicle linked to offences including theft of catylic converters and criminal damage to motor vehicles across the borough of Bexley. The vehicle was recovered for a forensic examination.”

Thefts were often prevalent on Toyota Prius’ but has recently spread to other vehicles.


  1. Graham

    Those responsible should leave others peoples cars and property alone. There is no need for this theft from other people cars or to cause criminal damage to them

    I know times are hard however, If they need money then they should do what over decent people do and get a job and earn a decent living for themselves.

    Sadly a lot crimes are now committed to feed addictions and in some cases even stolen to order to send abroad,

  2. Jack

    You’ll find criminal endeavours like this are due to greed and not because people have no legitimate means to feed themselves. Cars and car parts are stolen as they are easy to sell / dispose of.

    Unfortunately some Hondas and Toyotas have the most valuable converters in terms of high value materials. Which is why they are targeted and targeted quite openly as nobody usually queries why someone is under a car etc.

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