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Crime, Thamesmead

Poppy stall attacked at Thamesmead Morrisons

A stall selling poppies was last night attacked by youths at the Morrisons branch in Thamesmead.

A group was involved and motive is unknown.

Perpetrators escaped before police arrived on scene. If anyone has information on those behind the attack police can be contacted on 101.


  1. CDT

    Reading incidents like this make me very annoyed where charity stalls or shops are attacked or robbed.

    The youths that done this are the lowest of the low and have no respect at all for those that fought and lost their lives or received life changing injuries serving their Country in the last two world wars and in more recent conflicts.

    We still have thousands of brave men and women of our Armed Forces serving overseas and in the UK for their Country to keep us all save.

    We should all have nothing but the highest admiration and gratitude and for our Armed Forces Personnel at all times.

  2. Graham

    Well said CDT I could not agree with you more. I know many others will also agree with you.

    Some plain talking is what is needed now days.

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