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Clintons the next High Street store to disappear?

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News is out today that Clintons are the latest High Street retailer looking to close stores and seek rent reductions on those that remain.

Though as we’ve seen with Mothercare over the past week, even that “pre-pack” administration sometimes doesn’t yield long term results.

Bexleyheath Broadway shopping centre – Clintons on left beyond Burton

Clintons have branches at Eltham High Street, Bromley and Bexleyheath. They’re one of the longest running gift card shops though recent competitors such as Card Factory are extremely strong on pricing compared to Clintons.

In Eltham a Card Factory close to Clintons. Will it be on the list to close or remain open? We should find out soon.



  1. CDT

    Sadly a lot of people now text, whats app or email good wishes. Sending a card is becoming unheard of among our younger generation.

    It will be sad seeing yet another retailer go from our High Streets.

    • anonymous201486

      Older people still like to send cards and Card Factory and the other entrants into the low cost market has proved perfect for them and the cash strapped. I rarely send a card but when I do, pay as little as possible. Clinton’s is not where I would have gone.

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