Rejoice! Building work underway at Thamesmead development

I know. It’s hard to believe but it’s happening at long last.

Peabody have brought in the piling rigs to finally start work on new homes at a plot in Thamesmead at the former Binsey Walk.

Now underway

I was so taken aback passing on a bus I didn’t have the phone ready for a picture. Will head back to rectify that soon.

This plot is set to bring 329 homes though given it’s a Housing Association development ,”affordable” housing totals are low and little better than many private developments at just 35 per cent.

Binsey Walk or Southmere Phase 2

It’s now many years since residents were evicted for new homes along the edge of Southmere Lake.

The site sits north of the recently completed Southmere Village at the former Tavy Bridge site.

Peabody timeline missed. Binsey Walk named Southmere Village Phase2 here

The highest density block in this next phase is located the furthest from shops and Abbey Wood Elizabeth line station beside an elevated roundabout.

There’s always the long running myth that all of Thamesmead is entirely cut off from transport which isn’t the case for south Thamesmead. This site is a 12 minutes walk from Abbey Wood station with the Elizabeth line, Southeastern and Thameslink services.

Southmere lake

A bus would take less than five minutes to the station.

It’s a lovely area to boot. Southmere lake is a beautiful place. It’s an artificial lake created when Thamesmead was established in the late 1960s on. It’s where the now mostly-covered river Wogebourne enters as it meanders down from Shooter’s Hill.

River alongside Abbey Wood tracks briefly revealed during construction work

Elizabeth line work in Abbey Wood revealed it for a short time back in 2015.

Residents were ordered to move out of the former Binsey Walk many years ago with the site cleared around four years ago. Work has started three years behind schedule.

Binsey Walk being demolished some years ago

Which is still better than plots such as along Harrow Manorway where no detailed plan has ever been submitted since building’s were brought down.

Vacant buildings nearby could also now be used as housing for homeless households given a housing shortage.

Vast areas of Thamesmead have been flattened. Homes on left vacant and could now be brought back into use given Peabody’s slow progress

Still, after nearly a decade in charge of the area Peabody have started on their second plot out of half a dozen across south Thamesmead and Abbey Wood, so at least that’s something to celebrate.

And people will at least have a new pub and brewery to enjoy, with plans uploaded by Bexley Council this week.


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2 thoughts on “Rejoice! Building work underway at Thamesmead development

  • Work started a few months ago. They’ve also reopened the lakeside path, so you can reenact the scene from A Clockwork Orange and/or get to the Lakeside Centre much more easily. Although the Y on the Lake cafe is closing for good on 21 July.

    • I saw the work but had assumed it was site clearance. Can never trust Peabody to build until I saw the piling rig on site and finally confirmation. Shame about the cafe. Perfect example of how Peabody delays have hampered business


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