New pub and brewery plan submitted in Thamesmead

An application is in to open a pub with on-site brewing at a Thamesmead development on the former Tavy Bridge site.

Rock Leopard Brewing are behind the venture at Cygnet Square close to Southmere Lake.

It’s a welcome addition to the development which has seen many commercial units remain empty since completion except for Taco and the library.

New square

Hopefully Peabody are offering low rents and enable the business to become established, as their lack of building at various surrounding surrounding plots will initially hamper footfall.

Thamesmead Brewery

Documents within the application show an intention to brew on site alongside a pizza oven.

Ground floor plan (Click to enlarge)

In time the area will hopefully thrive. There are plans for hundreds of homes to the north at Binsey Walk, though work is years behind schedule.

Binsey Walk plans are years behind intended date of completion

There’s also the former Coralline Walk directly south which remains empty after buildings were demolished the length of Harrow Manorway some years ago, and is now looking likely to see vacated homes next door converted into temporary housing for homeless households according to a Bexley Council report.

Peabody cleared much land in the area over the past decade, evicted hundreds then failed to submit detailed plans let alone start the process of building.

Vast expanse of Peabody land lying vacant after homes decanted and demolished. Low rise homes to rear also empty

So the new venture will need help from Peabody given their own failure to build for many years at various plots.

Hopefully it does do well. It’s certainly a fair bit different to when I used to go drink Fosters at the nearby Lakeside club at 16 as they never checked ID. Good times.

Click here to view the application.



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3 thoughts on “New pub and brewery plan submitted in Thamesmead

  • This is great news for the Abbey Wood area. I just hope they manage to save the Abbey Arms from development. A home is not a home without a local.

    • They’ve done a cracking job with the pub. Sadly I can’t see it staying long term as is. Prime land right beside the station. Protection that can be offered is very limited (asset of community value and local listing wont do much) and will probably just delay the inevitable.

      Best we can hope for is pub frontage and possible building remains with new development to rear. Can’t see much else being possible

  • The application for this pub and brewery is no longer available for viewing. Do we think it’s no longer happening?


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