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Long queues across Thamesmead and Plumstead after emergency road works

Courtesy @MartinSE18

Long traffic queues have been seen all day today around the Plumstead one-way system and bus garage after lane closures due to a pothole appearing on the flyover’s road surface.

Traffic has been backed up along Western Way past Belmarsh with Plumstead High street also slow-moving. Three lanes have reduced to one.

West Thamesmead Gateway plans

This could be a foretaste of things to come if work to permanently alter the road layout begins. 1,500 homes are planned in this area and creating two-way traffic is one idea on the table.

There is no confirmed word on when work will complete. If you know leave a comment below.


  1. Chris

    Thanks for this. Wondered what it was and TfL seemed not to know either.

  2. Nigel Payne

    Shame Greenwich council didn’t do a proper repair when this was reported to them weeks ago, it’s about time someone looked into whether they are getting value for our money using riney ltd to do the rubbish repairs on the borough’s roads

  3. David Bezer

    Have they even started actual work on it yet, apart from just coning it off?

  4. Ade

    This is terrible for all road users, the only road that link thamesmead and erith. It’s really pathetic spending hours and the time chosen to do the repairs.

  5. Graham

    My understanding is that is part of the road as been dug up and filled in several times over the last few months. If the job had been done correctly in the first place road users would not be suffering the problems they are suffering now.

    Talk about yet another huge waste of public money wasted yet again by Greenwich Council and their contractors.

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