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Duckweed removed from Thamesmead canals

Courtesy Peabody

Peabody are out and about cleaning duckweed from Thamesmead’s canals this week using a homemade skimmer.

In recent weeks comments have been made about the prevalence of duckweed across the area so it’s good to see action.

Similar seen in other areas – this is Eltham

Duckweed rapidly multiplies unless regular cleaning occurs.

Similar green coatings are a common site in other areas. The Tarn in Eltham is almost entirely covered.

These pics date from the summer though a recent trip saw similar conditions.



  1. As a ex-biologist I have to say that this is bit of a waste of time and money on their part. If you look at duckweed at this time of year you will see it is already going yellow and dying anyway. It is classified as an annual and so always disappears in winter.. only to return next year. It’s just this autumn has been very mild so far. Removing it completely is totally impossible so it will always return next year.

    • Michael Garrett

      Is there a way to counter its excessive growth by natural means?

      • Michael.. not as far as I know.. otherwise it would be used. Skimming is totally ineffective in the long run because if you’ve tried it on your own pond with a net you will know what I mean..!

  2. John Bone

    Shame they can’t deal with the fly tipping and rubbish problems. That’s a daily problem not an annual event.

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