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Greenwich, Thamesmead

Riverside paths flood as Thames Barrier closes

Courtesy Angela Catlin

High river levels have seen some sections along the banks of the Thames begin to flood this afternoon.

Some have expressed concern as riverside paths begin to flood in Greenwich, Woolwich and Thamesmead.

Courtesy Doug Brett

Don’t be too concerned if you havn’t seen this before as it does happen pretty often and is designed to do so. It does not mean residential areas will soon flood despite the dramatic appearance of water.

Courtesy Scott Corcoran

The Thames Barrier is now closed and will be so until 6pm.

Another site of high water often seen is upstream of the barrier in front of the Naval College in Greenwich.


  1. This link shows what will happen to The Thames as sea levels rise. It’s cool and worrying at the same time. The link I am posting is set at a five metre rise but you can adjust it yourself.,0.1259&zoom=11&m=5

  2. MikeP

    In London’s case, it’s not just a case of sea levels rising, but the land sinking as well.

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