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Blackwall tunnel approach lanes and sliproad in Greenwich partly closed after gravel spill

Underneath the flyover

There are long tailbacks on the A2 towards the Blackwall Tunnel this morning after a gravel spillage.

The incident has closed two lanes and the slip road from east Greenwich.

Queues stretch back to near Kidbrooke and buses are disrupted.

UPDATE: The blockage has been removed and traffic is flowing freely (except for queues directly entering the Blackwall Tunnel)


  1. Richard

    Better use your bike.

    • Ned

      Please remember when you’re making your glib, sanctimonious comments that, amazing as it may appear, cycling is not always an option for everyone. Some of us do have to depend on buses and other forms of transport. And if you want to deliver my skip on a pushbike, go ahead.

      • Richard

        Ha! Ha! Ha! One was being sarcastic, not shallow or morally superior. A lot of talk on here is pro cycling. Calm down.

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