Views sought on forthcoming changes to Thamesmead and Abbey Wood

A site has been launched to gain feedback on changes the public would like to see in Thamesmead and Abbey Wood in coming decades.

Path to main shopping area on Abbey Wood estate

Though not quite, as half of the town of Abbey Wood is excluded and Abbey Wood estate, which does fall within the boundary, has little mention in improvement plans. Under “what we see for the future” look at how much listed is in Abbey Wood – and particularly the 3,000 home long negelected estate. Not much is there? It seems Thamesmead is getting most of the attention.

One example is under “Local shopping and employment” which includes a list of shopping areas. Small parades in Thamesmead are mentioned – even if just a few units. Yet in Abbey Wood there’s Grovebury Road which is the same size as others that are included, comprising a pub and five commercial units plus nearby doctors, and it’s absent.

Pub and shops on left – park entrance beyond. Unloved public realm

A park entrance and bus stops are also located here. Landscaping and a pond were long ago ripped up with no investment for many years.

New homes at former Tavy Bridge site

In addition, all consultation events are in Thamesmead and not Abbey Wood.

This new consultation is related to plans for the towns labelled an “Opportunity Area.” The last plan was for the area was drawn up a decade ago before Crossrail was even approved. Most ideas in it went nowhere – and it wasn’t much use for what was subsequently approved such as new builds near the station.

Abbey Wood on left side of road – Thamesmead on right

Changes since 2009 includes a supermarket in Abbey Wood though most planned homes alongside have never been built at Cross Quarter Stage 2.


A tower was also approved alongside a large block on Eynsham Drive.

In Thamesmead Peabody took over Gallions Housing Association and have finally begun building new homes at the former Tavy Bridge. They intend to move further towards Abbey Wood station with demolition and building in coming years.

Demolition incoming

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  • August 18, 2019 at 12:46 pm

    Dont like sainsbury’s in Abbeywood looks outdated like something from the 70s and it looks too big shuts out natural sunlight people have been mugged and attacked whilst waiting for a taxi


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