Greenwich housing design for 250-homes submitted

Detailed plans showing the next phase of Greenwich Millennium Village have been submitted.

Plot 202 and 203 and just getting off the ground now.

Plots in red now starting

Upon completion this phase will bring almost 250 homes, a nursery and café.

Now underway

Brightly coloured panels denote commercial space within the new block.

The two plots are due to complete by the end of 2023.

Plot 201 nearing completion immediately north of plot 202 and 203

I recently looked at two plots on GMV set for completion in coming months.

Wider links

Much of the overall GMV site is insular in design, failing to provide safe and attractive connections south to Ikea and Odeon alongside nearby Charlton shops on Bugsby’s Way.

That will be compounded as 1,200 homes are now proposed at the entirety of B&Q’s site and Ikea’s and the Odeon’s car park. That proposal mentions linking into GMV, though latest GMV revisions almost appear to further turn its back to areas south and east.

There’s currently a mound of earth lining the entirety of Bugsby’s Way for some distance, with hundreds more GMV homes to be built on the left in the below image, while 1,200 homes will rise to the right over at what is currently B&Q and the retail estate car park.

Thousands of homes coming each side of road

Car parking is planned to line almost the entirety of the mound on the GMV side:


Newest plan recently approved for GMV

The area circled in green looks like narrow steps which may be the only connection for thousands of residents – if at all. It’s a good few hundred metres detour for some if the mound of earth lining the road remains.


Will this obstacle preventing easy permeability and pedestrian/cycling links remain? It’s not a difficult fix.

1,200-home plan makes note of GMV links – yet GMV design doesn’t appear to factor this in

This will be something to watch, and another test of whether improved pedestrian and cycling links for thousands of new residents are more than hollow words.

B&Q housing plan

Various views of forthcoming designs at GMV can be seen here.

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