Barriers removed from Greenwich town centre

Barriers have been removed from part of the one-way system in Greenwich town centre.

The town centre scheme appeared to please no one with cyclists and pedestrians – who it was supposed to assist – complaining it blocked certain crossings and forced cyclists into narrow stretches alongside vehicles.

No cycle lane was installed as seen on plan

A dedicated cycle lane shown in documents submitted to TfL – and only revealed via a Freedom of Information request – never appeared.

East Greenwich cycle lane meets town centre via Old Naval College site

Cyclists heading to the area from new lanes in east Greenwich were to meet dangerous conditions in the town centre.

As is common, apparently no one locally was told about this change today for a project which cost £120,000 to install – nor what changes will appear to link into the new cycle lane to the east. It appears not all barriers will be going – and the stretch shown in the main picture often sees illegal parking blocking the road.

Pre lockdown

There is no obligation under emergency traffic orders to consult in advance. However many councils did create websites to feed back information and presented detailed plans. Greenwich did not do so. Authorities must consult while in operation to see if they should be altered. Again, no easy to use website to do so.

Greenwich Council now seem in almost complete shutdown when it comes to transparency and engagement on this and other issues – even when compared with long running secrecy. They are not responding to many residents on various issues via email according to readers of this site, the council leader ignores questions on social media from many (I’ve asked about protecting existing cycle lanes from parking in Charlton meeting new cycle lane in east Greenwich over a dozen times) and even the press office is no longer replying to this site or others.

It’s not new – see how for years they didn’t publish how and where income from developers was spent until forced by law – but now are pushing even further at doing the bare minimum to keep people informed.




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19 thoughts on “Barriers removed from Greenwich town centre

  • I’m not surprised by the silence. I raised an issue to our councillor repeatedly for a vehicle parking illegally in a controlled zone.

    The head of parking enforcement has seemed to ignore her request that his team do their job and enforce the restrictions.

    No one seems to care but then when the heads of departments have been there for so long they seem to stop caring and forget they are employed to carry out a public service.

  • Have you ever reached out to bigger national newspapers, explaining the utter lack of communication from Greenwich Council?

    To me this behaviour as well as the many unexplained inflated costs, just screams CORRUPTION!!!!

    When looking at Greenwhich Borough there is so much work which needs to be done to make live for people a bit more pleasant, but it simply doesn’t seem to happen. The only developments here are just more and more appartments, without any proper investments in public realm/public transport/safety/enviroment and so on…

  • No right turn from Trafalgar Road to Vanburgh Hill (except buses)?
    What on earth?!!!!
    Again, the more problems will be created than solved! Who decided that was a good idea?

    • I’m with you HK on this, I got the same reaction. What IDIOT dreamt up such idea’s? Also, why can you not enter Christchurch Way from Trafalgar Road now!? How am I meant to get down Christchurch Way? I know, go all round the houses via Whitworth Street, seems the long winded logical answer as you would expect from Greenwich Council. What hideous idea’s put forth, can’t belive that this is going ahead.what I do know though, the Blackwall Tunnel slip road information has been portrayed wrong. The slip road is only closed from 22:00 hour. Information is from the yellow road side sign.

      • I know Rich, it’s blooming ridiculous!
        They are going to create more traffic & pollution!
        I don’t get what problem they are trying o solve by having a no right turn to go up Vanburgh Hill & no entry to Christchurch Way?

        • No entry from Trafalgar Road to Christchurch has now been cancelled. Been informed about this yesterday.

          • HK I agree with you both too

    • The bus doesn’t go up Vanburgh Hill now because it is has become a no through road. I didn’t know this and had to turn into the narrow, two way Ulundi Road that has a sharp bend. What in the name of commonsense if Greenwich council doing?

  • I look around the whole Borough and their changing so many road systems and junction, and many seem more dangerous than before. Seems to be a lot of wasted money going about and yet there crying about the lack of funds for projects for elderly and people who need help socially.
    Priorities seem to be aimed at looking good, but not looking after the people who vote them in..
    Must tag where the barriers end up, could be a good game….

  • Transport funds are almost always ringfenced are cannot be spent in other areas. That’s not to say it’s well spent and they could do better, but it can’t be used for elderly care etc.

    A fair few projects recently do improve areas eg Plumstead High Street clutter removal which obstructs wheelchairs and buggies.

  • It is not only Councillors and most Heads of Departments that do not answer corresppndence at Greenwich Council. The Boroughs two Labour MP’s are just as bad when it comes to replying to correspondence from the public.

  • I take it the ” social distancing” road closures will now come out , the side of Greenwich park ect too because they are causing more problems than they solve too .

  • Some of the barriers in Woolwich have been removed too. Woolwich New Road and Vincent Road. Another waste of money.

  • These changes are horrible!! We in Whitworth st are going to get so many more cars in our narrow residential street, of which some will speed down it! All this just because cyclist and pedestrians need to be protected at the Christchurch Way/Trafalgar rd junction! We need more side roads on Blackwall lane opened. There are a lot of people living in the apartments by the river, they need to be able to get home without all having to take Whitworth st or Lassel st. The solution is simple, open ip all of these roads again and install some proper car damaging speed bumps or street narrowing bollards.
    As a cyclist myself, I have to say that this new cycle lane sucks!! I prefer having a dedicated cycle lane on both sides of the road.

  • An emergency Order can only be issued due to it being necessary to the restriction being issued without delay, otherwise the usual notice has to be given, There doesn’t appear to be any reason here for an emergency order.

  • I don’t understand how bigger vehicles like bin trucks or delivery vans will be able to serve the local streets like Azof and Mauritius road if they cannot use Christchurch way ? The only roads left open are too small surely ? If they take away the barriers at Mauritius road or Azof street they will fill with traffic avoiding tunnel avenue . Before the barriers were installed the traffic in these streets was often at a standstill. Giving the old houses and new flats a big dose of pollution each rush hour?

    • If all the streets are open then everyone would get a small amount instead of a few getting it all !
      If the council allow traffic to flow then it will be less polluting instead they insist on ” traffic calming ” Wich is a more polluting way to manage traffic ! .

      More vehicles are electric and clean burning than ever so in 5 ish years pollution the 20% pollution that cars make will be miniscule anyway .
      Think of the life’s that will be saved by allowing the traffic to use All the streets which in turn will allow emergency services to get to their destination faster than being stuck in traffic because of cycle lanes and covid closed streets !

  • I’m inclined to agree. Cutting off access from side streets and funnelling all the traffic along the main arteries that are already narrowed by cycle lanes, leads to slow moving vehicles pumping out noxious gases. It is also a disaster for emergency vehicles.


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