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Demolition of another Greenwich pub starts in April 2018

Lord Hood beside Up the Creek demolished last year

A couple of days ago I covered fresh plans to demolish the former Thames pub in Greenwich after prior rejections. Now there are imminent plans to demolish another nearby pub – the Lord Hood.

The Thames pub

Unlike The Thames which merely has an application to demolish, approval has already been given to demolish the Lord Hood. The plans submitted simply lay out how it will be demolished and timescales with work due to begin next month.

It’s a handsome building.

Replacing the pub will be a generic block of flats.

Further along Creek Road is a site where another pub was demolished last year. More recently it had been the Book Time shop.

The planning reference is 18/0631/SD


  1. JR

    Shame, I enjoyed drinks in there, and the upstairs room had real character. There was a campaign when its demolition was first proposed years ago but looks like all it led to was a stay of execution.

  2. anonymous201486

    Bland. The development’s only saving grace is its being low rise.

  3. Matt

    I went in there once with a friend, I was stared at by a couple of tattooed Millwall fans. I ordered two points of awful lager, wasn’t allowed to pay with a card. I went for a wee and was overwhelmed with the smell of urine in the trough. Left and never came back.

    Can’t say I’ll miss it but it’s a shame to demolish the building.

    • Comment by post author


      Yep with new owners it could’ve been great and offered something different. There’s few places in Greenwich town centre to catch good live music for example.

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