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Delays building as Blackwall Tunnel closed northbound

A broken down car has seen the Blackwall Tunnel shut around 15 minutes ago.

Queues are already past the Woolwich Road flyover. The Dartford Crossing also has sizable queues heading northbound.

The road will no doubt reopen soon though much of Greenwich is now slow going.

UPDATE: It’s reopened but queues remain across Greenwich

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  1. Graham

    The Blackwall Tunnel and the A102 are always very busy with traffic and often you see long queues of traffic on the A102 in particular. This area also suffers from high pollution levels.

    This is why the new proposed bus route 335 between Kidbrooke Village and North Greenwich Station should not run via the A102 towards Blackwall Tunnel like route 132. One little hiccup with the Blackwall Tunnel as the area including the A102 very quickly comes to a standstill or with very slow moving traffic,

    The best option is to run the new bus route via Blackheath Royal Standard. I also still think the new route 335 should still serve Bugsby way and the Charlton Retail Parks as originally planned. But this option was removed from the consultation at the last minute. Running the route via Charlton would not add much running time to the route and allow more local people to use the route all day and not just at peak hours.

    Perhaps we could petition to get this put back on the consultation as we were once promised this by TFL.

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