Greenwich town centre one-way system for the chop in £5.4 million scheme

Transport for London have announced that Greenwich Council have won £5.4 million funding to remove the one-way system running through the centre of Greenwich.

A previous plan to create a huge gyratory was axed around five years ago. Since then they’ve been pushing for the town centre to be the recipient of funds from TfL’s Local Implementation Plan’s Major Scheme fund. The previous round of that funding for the borough went to Eltham’s current upgrade.

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Sadiq Khan’s administration has renamed the fund as the Liveable Neighbourhoods Program. Today’s announcement is part of a £114 million fund to various boroughs.

The exact quote from TfL is:

  • The scheme aims to transform Greenwich Town Centre by removing the dangerous and intimidating gyratory and providing a much more generous pedestrian environment, in particular on the approach to the World Heritage Site. It will also provide a safe cycling route through the town centre

Removing the one-way system is welcome though we’ll have to see what is proposed.

After earlier plans were scrapped in 2011 a number of schemes were due some of the intended money. It’s interesting to look back to 2011 and listed plans. What happened to these schemes? They were supposed to improve areas which are still awful.


And it’s somewhat ironic that the area with probably the best public realm in the whole borough is to see yet more millions whilst poorer areas continue to see minimal investment.

The new-cycle route will help after the recent announcement that Cycle Superhighway 4, which was covered here, will now stop by Waitrose after starting at Tower Bridge instead of the initial plan of heading to Woolwich.

Next up for improvements is surely the horror show of Woolwich Road towards the Blackwall Tunnel and the myriad streets connecting east Greenwich to the Peninsula as well as Bugsby’s Way.

Just today the new Primark opens, and this week Greenwich’s Deputy Leader and head of regeneration Dan Thorpe was tweeting about work starting on the “truly sustainable” new Ikea. How a giant retail barn in inner London with a massive car park outside, accessible mostly by car, is truly sustainable is an interesting question.

Greenwich planners don’t seem to think the plans are very sustainable, as they swiftly updated their planning guidance but only after approving numerous retail barns and large car parks with no residential component:

Upon asking what street improvements were to happen on Blackwall Lane, Peartree Way, Bugsby’s Way, John Harrison Way and Millenium Way due to the large amount of new housing, shops and schools in the area, no answer was forthcoming.

But still, hopefully this improves the town centre and it’s good news that Greenwich Council have won a funding bid.

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10 thoughts on “Greenwich town centre one-way system for the chop in £5.4 million scheme

  • This is fantastic news! This has been my main issue with the area for such a long time. I really hope this will pedestrianize King William walk entirely.

    Seriously, this is so great. It can reduce congestion, pollution, improve the market, make a visit to the center worthwhile for everyone. If they make this work I couldn’t give S*t about the neglected other areas.

  • In two minds about it. Walking around the one way system is a complete hassle at times but if I had to choose anywhere in Greenwich to spend this money I’m not sure it would be here. East Greenwich is far worse. Walking along Blackwall Lane under the flyover and also from Greenwich Millenium Village to shops in Charlton means going through some quite frankly shite areas where you take your life in your hands running across roads. I feel for parents taking children and a lot live in GMV and the Peninsula.

  • I don’t understand how they can get so much money to spend on the roads in West Greenwich which are already miles better than those in East Greenwich as your photos show.

    Walking under the flyovers, on Blackwell Lane and Woolwich Road, is so unpleasant.

  • The one-way system forces traffic into it which would otherwise get through quicker – such as driving east from Greenwich Station heading for Trafalgar Road.
    Romney Road rarly seem conjested (
    except by the traffic lights), as it’s fed mostly from a single-lane road, and opens into 2 lanes. It’s an option to make Romney Road 2-way again and let east-bound traffic straight through.

  • Hoorah, Greenwich Cyclists campaigned for decades to have this implemented. If the people of East Greenwich ( of which I was one) went to as many meetings and lobbied the council on this as GC did, maybe they would achieve something too. Don’t ask, don’t get.

    • Teresa – sure the very active East Greenwich Residents Association would be delighted with that comment.

  • I do feel Greenwich Town Centre would benefit from the new road lay out and by removing the one way system in Greenwich has this area is always very busy with pedestrians no matter whatever the time of day or evening. It will also improve access to the Heritage site.

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