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Good news: Greenwich junction to be improved

Courtesy Google

Some welcome news reaches me as a junction in Greenwich lined with guardrail often forcing pedestrians to walk in the road is to be upgraded.

No car parked on left – walk in road or round corner on longer route?

The area on Thames Street and Horseferry junction has guardrail on each corner often blocking pedestrians from walking direct routes south to north or east to west.

Car parking spaces start where railings end and are often occupied thus forcing those in wheelchairs and using buggies (in particular) on a diversion.

Depending on the numbers of cars parked it can be many metres. As the above pic shows almost the end of the street. Many pedestrians, if they are able, just head into the road instead of doing that negating any supposed safety benefits from railings.

The railings were installed after a pedestrian was hit, yet it takes some unique sort of design thinking to then adopt a “safety” measure which then encourages people onto roads with cars turning round blind corners.

Anyway, sense finally prevails and it’s to be changed with new raised walkways, less obstructions and better visibility. This should happen in July I’m told – those some projects such as Plumstead High Street work is years late as are schemes around the Blackwall flyover.

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