Annual bollard of the year awards coming soon?

There’s things in life that just don’t get the applause they deserve. Unsung heroes in our communities just going about their business.

And with that in mind we must surely ask why no bollard is recognised at Greenwich Council’s prestigious annual civic awards?

And so without further ado, here’s some contenders. This dazzling contenders will surely make this a stable at council awards for decades to come.

Firstly, we have a Greenwich specialty; two proud rows in a line offering absolutely no chance of a vehicle getting onto the paving:

Vehicle parked on pavement

The stunning local area clearly didn’t need any investment hence the council wondering how to spend money to improve the area. It’s fair to say they came up trumps.

The dual bollard style is seen borough-wide. It nicely denotes the passing of time. Where once one row was seen as adequate the authority have rightly modernised and realised there could be two, or even, three rows.

It’s not limited to old projects either. Newer schemes are also proudly signed up to this philosophy:

Beresford Square

One of my personal favourites is in Abbey Wood:

Why no wooden types are located here must however be pondered long and hard. A proud tradition in the area is ridden roughshod.

But these rows of street adornments are the exception to the rule. It’s the proud, randomly dropped in bollard that often works hardest of all against the scourge of anti-social pavement parking:

Another success

The steller work these boys do surely means traffic wardens could be cut in half? People are superfluous in the face of this.

Blinding job

These sole soldiers work 24 hours a day, seven days an week and 365 days a year.

A strong contender

Thankfully Greenwich are continuing to adds thousands at high cost. But is it high cost? Not when the borough is the pinnacle of public space and public services.

Installed in 2019

We must be vigilant though. Civic vandalism has seen these go:

As can be seen this is a highly competitive prize. And with any luck another 1,000 contenders will be ready to battle it out next year. Game on.

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5 thoughts on “Annual bollard of the year awards coming soon?

  • What a load of old Bollards lol.

    It’s so unbelievably weird! All this borough believes in is bollards. They should be ripped up less clutter is better. New paving layed! New roads and more investment and an organised approach to combat illegal parking. This would be a money maker for the council but they are so mismanaged and will never change for the better.

    It’s a shame. The public Realm looks so tired and neglected.

  • Excellent. No wonder the Leader of the Council, desperate Dan, has promoted the Deputy Leader to be in charge of bollards instead of children’s services.Bollards rule!

    But are they paid the London Living Wage? Maybe GLLaB could be renamed Greenwich Local Labour and Bollards and contribute some of their dosh to this fine job creation scheme.

  • Vigilante bollard removal gangs target the royal borough and uproar ensues….

    • Employ parking enforcement officers. It’s not brain surgery.

  • I accept that bollards sometimes look bad, but in West Greenwich I am glad there are bollards. Without bollards into green areas, cars and more importantly heavy goods vehicles bypass width restrictions by travelling over open spaces. The bollards prevent this and I am asking the Council to reinstate some bollards.


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